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I’m In!,…….

I just put my application in to join the Men’s Health 52 Day Challenge. “The Classic”. I guess I better head over on my way home this afternoon and reactivate the family membership at the Y.

I’ve been away from any real regimented exercise since early spring and its showing! The tire that I worked so hard to shed is “re-treading” around my midsection!  My arms are soft, my calves and thighs have no rigidity, my butt is beginning to sag and the moobs are on their way back in! It’s not a pretty sight folks!

This morning I weighed in at just under 205, my glucose was 188, and I recorded a 144/90/52 BP/HR. This is the starting point. I have plenty of room for improvement here.

My Goals for the Challenge

Clean Eats: 85/104
Resistance Training: 12
Cardio Training: 12

Personal Goal: Not sure yet. I’ll come up with something soon.