All good things,…

Dr. James Schneid

Dr. James Schneid

This past Wednesday I had the displeasure of saying goodbye to my Primary care Doc of 20+ years.  Not all that pleasant though like (who is it who said, sang in a song???…) “all good things must come to an end and it’s the same with the Wild Wood Weed”,… (or something like that, I’ll remember who penned that before closing here. Jim, Jim,..)

Dr. James Schneid, (My doc not the performer – though he is a talented man he might have been a performer one old day but that would have been before me!) has taken care of my family for 20+ years. He has called the shots spot on and we are going to miss him.

For Jim it’s retirement time, Jim, (again the doc) referred me to the right people when it came time to have my chest opened and though he did not do the hands on healing he monitored me throughout the entire ride and I do not feel that I would still be here today had it not been for his frank guidance.

To Jim prior to parting, I gave Jim a hug, I thanked him for all he had done, told him what he had meant to me and my family, and wished him well.

To me in parting he returned the hug and followed by saying “Look Rob, your still overweight, your blood pressure one day will kill you if your own poor maintenance of your diabetes doesn’t first!”  “And, if you don’t slow down it won’t be a matter of “if” though just a matter of “when” you will have a heart attack”.

Kind of close to the same parting sentiments wouldn’t you say? I thought so.

Before leaving he spoke to me of the doctor who would be taking over, refilled my prescriptions, scheduled blood work for 4 months down the road then ordered and scheduled me for a colonoscopy! Yee Frigg in’ Haw! I’m already looking forward to that!

Like all good things though, so it is with the wild wood weed,…written in 1962 by Don Bowman, recorded by Jim Stafford in the mid 70’s. Enjoy.

Jim Stafford performs “the Wild Wood Weed

Dr. James Schneid’s FMI Bio

On a good track with this 52DC,….

A couple of times in the past week I have had individuals compliment me on my “look”. I couldn’t help to feel really flattered. Both used the same term too. ”You know, you are looking really healthy.”

I don’t know that you could pay a person a better compliment, especially one who has not always been all that healthy at any time in their lives.

This particular 52 day challenge has been an experiment for me. I actually started back in November trialing a new diet and working with a tightly monitored exercise format. I don’t know that my gains have been dramatic though by what I have been seeing in the mirror and now hearing from a few I might be moving in the right direction.

Three things I have done this time around;

First I have made sure to eat breakfast every day. The days I have skipped for one useless reason or another I find are the days I continue to make poor food choices.

Second, I set up an exercise schedule and routine and where I have not stayed 100% on schedule I have tightly monitored my circuits both cardio and resistance to be sure as not to overdo. This has been a known problem with me in the past and its lead to some very unpleasant side effects.

Third, and what I personally feel has been the key to the bit of success is, I factored in rest periods. I afforded myself a couple extra too. By going to the gym with proper energy and the feel that you could work instead of just go through the paces due to fatigue I’ve made gains.

As of today with 13 days remaining to the challenge I have 3 Resistance Training circuits to complete, 5 cardio events and to eat clean the bulk on those days. God willing, I might just finish in good fashion.

The compliments are nice reminder that the work you do sometimes actually works.

Just a tweak or two,…

What I do in the gym is never going to be misconstrued as overly difficult.

There are guys (and gals for that matter) at my gym doing some pretty impressive things.  That’s not me however. I’m the low and slow guy on the corner matt doing alternating sets of sit-ups and core stabilizers with a 25 pound plate.

Today I added a twist to a couple of my regulars.

During my 3rd set of 20 weighted sit-ups (I hold a 25lb plate about an inch off my forehead) I drop back to about the 70 degree position or so, hold for a second then do an overhead (or more so) a chest press with the plate, then back to the top and with no hesitation go into the next rep. It just adds that one more degree of stress I do like.

Today I did the last set of 20 this way then added an additional 12 for a total of 72, 32 with the press. I may need to stick to sets of 12 or 15 instead of 20 because the heart rate runs into the mid 140’s. I need to stay under 140.

I like BOSU push-ups, I like decline push-ups, so today I combined them.

3 sets of 20 alternated with wide stance prisoner squats.

Again, I’ll have to watch the heart rate until I get more use to them. One more time, it adds that extra little stress to the move. I feel in my shoulders tonight.

The routines and the perimeters I’m working inside seem to be doing the job.  I do like to mix em up.

The smaller plate & K.I.S.S.,…..

So far so good, it seems like almost too simple eh? It never is though!

Two things I have been working on during this 52 DC, eating less, (though eating more often) and keeping the exercise routine to 5 days out of seven. Again I say “So far so good”, it’s taken a few weeks for it to become more like habit.

Here are my results 11 days in;

Clean Eats:  19 of a possible 22

Resistance training; 4 of a goal of 15

Cardio training; 4 of a goal of 15

Days at the gym; 7 of a goal of 26.

The smaller plate is as psychological as its reduced physical girth aids. I tend to load the 9 ¼ “ just like I do proportionately to the 10 ½ inch, ¼ protein, ¼ starch, ½ vegetable, visually you feel like you have a full plate. I’m careful about what I choose for starches, not much of anything white. I would do the same with the 10 ½.

I’m not sure what the calorie count difference is because I’m not tracking calories though I have to think it’s proportionately smaller. The scale has never much been my friend though it’s ever so slowly edging in the right direction.

Simple is how I have been trying to keep this 52 Day Challenge. You can make yourself absolutely crazy by making too many radical changes all at one time only in the end to fail at all.


Almost about nothing,….

Hey Wake Up!

I’m feeling good! The picture has nothing to do with my post tonight, I just like the picture.

I’m sitting here in the living room kicked back, watching the Biggest Loser, has nothing to do with my exercise or diet, just like the show.  It’s right at three years that mother and I became hooked on the presentations, just about the same stretch that I’ve taken my exercise seriously, go figure.

Not sure if you watch the show but the Red team just bet that they could lose 94 pounds combined between the 9 of them, for the regular watchers, that’s just plain crazy for week 2! Average 10 pounds or so a piece! Man! Now talk about a challenge! I wish em luck.

I could use to drop 20 pounds, something tells me, even as disciplined as I can be, I’d need more of a motivator than a couple penguins spanking cymbals over my head to get it done!

I wish they would bring back Jillian, I have no doubt that she could whip me in a fair fight!

“I lift Things Up and Put them Dowwwwwnnnn,…!” The commercial is a riot!

Pickin up a few old moves,…

It's Not Me!

It’s a perfect form BOSU plank. It’s the only picture on Google that I could find that showed someone doing one.

I Like Em! Do enough reps and hold them for a long enough time and they work to beat the fat out of your midsection. I’m a believer.



Again, Not Me!


This 52DC has had me looking back to a few of my older routines and I’ve been pulling a handful of exercises that I use to perform though for some reason or another left out of newer circuits. Tomorrow’s resistance circuit includes Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats, I’ll be a little gimpy for a day or so but they will end up doing me good

Eating plan and the plate,….

I have restructured my exercise for the winter 52 DC to a level I can live with, literally. Now it’s time to stick the diet. Nothing like waiting until the last moment eh!

My cardiologist and I have had a bit of a disagreement in how I should eat. I know that eating a rigid low carb higher fat diet like the TNT Plan A, similar to an Atkins Plan works in helping me to hit my BP and glucose targets. I know it, I know it, I just have a wicked hard time following it to the letter.

The diet that my cardiologist most recommends, The DASH Diet, reads like this for my situation.

Folks with Type 2 Diabetes should avoid high carb, low-fat diets. Instead choose low carb, moderate protein, and moderate fats. We are getting closer in theory.

I know TNT A works though it excludes a few foods that I just enjoy too much to give up near completely. Hense my ability to be successful. As far as I see it, The DASH diet is the next best choice.  It’s a plan that appeases my Doc as well as allowing for a few foods I really enjoy.

I’ll continue to eat very low carb, It’s what I do and it’s the best thing I can do to help keep my glucose numbers in check.  What carbs I do consume will be of the complex variety and come from vegetables, fruit, strongly suggested oatmeal, and a limited amount of whole wheat breads.

I have been following the plan for a few weeks now and my glucose and BP numbers are responding accordingly.

As a kicker, to help with the amount I eat, especially at night, yesterday I bought a set of 9 1/4″ plates to replace our standard 10 ½’s we have used forever and fill almost every night. Even if I fill the smaller plate my portions should be proportionately smaller.

The smaller plate won’t do any good if I fill it more than once.

Let the Winter 52DC Begin! I’m in a good position to actually succeed this time around.