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Added donuts to my “Not To Eat list. Minor oversight,….

One of our favorite customers came in on schedule this morning to have his boat winterized and as Paul always does he showed up packing 2 dozen of the deep fried nuggets for the staff to share.

Think of that one bakery that you knew you could go to if you were in search of the perfect tasting donut,…that is where these gems come from. Small family bakery in downtown Pittsfield Maine.

As the scoreboard will show, 52DC 1 Donuts 0. I held back.

I thanked Paul for the gift he is an exceptional guy. I accepted the boxed cakes and brought them immediately out to the service department. Didn’t peak, didn’t zone in and lift the cover for a smell or even a look. No need to temp myself. The crew, whom really deserved the treats, were very thankful recipients. 

Donuts are on the list. No donuts for the Capt’n.

35 Minutes on an elliptical this early evening, followed up with a short walk and 10 minutes of body weight exercises. Specs; 47:10 Min, 133 Avg HR, 160 Peak.

Tomorrow is going to be a scheduled day off, Lift on Saturday afternoon, Golf on Sunday. Lift again Monday evening.


It’ my diet,…..TNT Plan Rob,….

Good start to this challenge. The one thing I will wrestle with is going to be my diet. I am attempting to follow TNT plan A, though as is everything I do I am personalizing it.  Maybe I should call it Plan Rob?

TNT you may tell me how close to any plan it may resemble.

For the last week I have cut my breakfasts in ½. Where I had been eating 2 – 3OZ sausages or 3 slices of bacon, with 2 eggs, couple oz of cheese. I have reverted to ½ of that., less the cheese. Pint or so of water, 18 oz coffee with light cream.

I mixed a shake of 6 oz of diet blueberry juice, (zero carbs) with a couple oz of light cream, a tablespoon of Metamucil, and a scoop of gold standard protein powder @ 20 grams. Top off with a few oz of water.

I flip flop the shake and the egg plate some days. This morning I had the eggs while doing email and absorbed the shake in sections throughout the day. Last bit just before hitting the gym for NROL A1.

At 12:30 or so, while on the fly, I had a nice crisp Empire apple. I’m not going to beat myself up for eating an apple. Had a handful of mixed nuts while scanning messages. Pint of water.

Lunch today hit around 3 PM. (I spent about 4 hours on the water today, fodder for another blog not this one) Lunch was a couple of tablespoons of chicken salad made with Miracle Whip, on a garden salad with balsamic vinegar. 

Worked out on the way home, as I mentioned NROL A1, 47 Min, 130 avg hr, 156 peak. 1/2 way through I was thinking it was too easy, when I finished, I was finished! Had a 30Gram protein shake on the way home.

For dinner I pan grilled 6 oz of chicken breast. When crispy I added a drained can of diced tomatoes with chili peppers. Micro waved a bowl, of cauliflower, broccoli, and a few frozen carrots. 20 oz of water.

If I have anything as a snack tonight it will be a handful of almonds or maybe a protein shake made with ice and light cream.

This is how I have been living the last couple of weeks. My energy level is starting to moderate.

Today my staff saved me, they needed another driver to retrieve boats. There are much worse jobs! I held a few!

I am no Choir Boy now, I just can’t see docking myself a clean eat for enjoying an apple or for adding a tablespoon of fiber to my diet. Frankly I like the regularity that has developed.

Here is a list of foods that are off limits for me.

Potato chips, crackers, bread, white rice, (may have a small amount of brown once in a while) white potato, candy of any form, fast food of any brand, Unless,…I do it right, only the meat, egg, cheese & vegetables. Breaded fried foods, Regular soda, never touch it anyway.

You may suggest a few more, I’m open to critique and suggestion.

Good start for the challenge.  Tomorrow I will get up and do it all over again.

Plan A…..

I think the one thing I miss most about being on Plan A is fruit. I like fruit, I like apples in season, Georgia peaches, fresh pineapple, just picked strawberries, and watermelon. I know watermelon is pretty much water and sugar, still, I do miss watermelon.

Other then my work, golf is my passion during the summer months. Just when I get to thinking that I am close to having a grip on the game,…Pow! I go to trying to overpower my drives, attempt to steer my chip shots, second guess my putting lines while standing over the ball, all of which add quick strokes to a score and in every case, frustrates the hell out of me!

All in all though, my game is not that bad, some rounds are better then others, but not all that bad. 

My diet can be a lot like my golf game. I start questioning the foods I am eating, Am I getting enough vegetables? Can I sneak in a piece of fruit on occasion or a tablespoon of potato?  If I do how does that change the variables? Calculating portion sizes still has me baffled at times. I am susceptible  to making rookie mistakes all the time.

All in all though, my diet is not that bad, I slip from time to time, but I am maintaining my weight and my energy. 

I will find a way to work in fruit at some point. All in moderation.

I’m Being Pretty Slack….

Tuesday is Vitals reporting day. If it were not for this I would probably not be posting! I have become very slack on my Blogging lately.

It is that time of year where my business begins to dominate most of my waking hours. This is when we will find out just how solid my dedication to my health really is. So far so good.

I’m not wild about my numbers this week, they are holding, but just holding, not improving. Here’s the skinny…

Weight 205.2 (no change) Body Fat 29.5 (no change, not convinced) H20 59.5, (same) BP 139/78/48hr, (not bad, still better then its been in a long time) Glucose 179, (up slightly, not good, but not 240 either) INR 1.8 (with increased dosage, proves I’m eating my vegetables)  Keytones (new) = trace 5.

Thought I would have lost a pound or two this week. Not whining by any means, I can feel and see a few small changes taking place with my body. My strength is up. My mid section is a little more solid. Sleep is good.

Key; I still don’t think I am getting the TNT diet 100% right yet though. I feel like I am making good food choices I just don’t think that I have the portion sizes down yet. Time to purchase a food scale.

Small victory of sorts; Last Thursday we had to be in Portland for the day, we found ourselves at the mall food court, hummm what to order at a food court? Ordered what they call a Panda Bowl from Panda Express. Healthy portion of steamed vegetables covered with a serving of grilled chicken strips without their sugar-laden sauces.

I tested my glucose levels when we arrived home about 90 minutes later, Tested 118, That is just an incredible number for me.

Big Post, If You Are On TNT, Worth The Read…

Tuesday is vitals day in the Captn’s life; BP 139/82/48hr. Fasting Glucose 168. Weight 205.2. Body Fat 29.5. INR 1.5. (Now this is a problem, although and easily correctable one.) 

Weight is not significantly lower but it’s 1.5 lbs lower. Other then the INR I’m holding good! Now as far as the INR goes my target is 2.5, 1.5 is potential strokes-ville range.  When you report a 1.8 like I did last week, I get a call from Nurse Martina, twists my arm a little, up the dose a bit.

Apparently when I post a 1.5 I get a call from the man himself, my cardiologist, Dr. Dave. “What the hell are you doing?!!”

Dave is not only my Doc. he’s a customer of my company, He’s also become a friend too. We talk pretty freely.

Today we had the TNT diet plan talk. I had somewhat mentioned it to Nurse Martina but I guess it never was put in my file or discussed with Dr. Dave. He’s really not that put off, he has some knowledge of it and most important, he’s onboard and willing to work with me on it.

The starting point was that we both agreed that the eating plan I had been following was not working. By looking at my early numbers I have concrete data that this is better.

He did admit that he has other patients who, where they are not on the TNT plan specifically, are on an Atkins style plan and in his words, “Tolerate it well” 

Dave voiced some concern as to the long term effects. The conversation turned to quality of life first then we will worry about the quantity second.

Concern #2; Being I am involved in a tightly monitored FDA Study pertaining to the On-X valve I had put in my chest. The valve producer has a fairly large interest and investment in keeping me alive.

His suggestion; Keep doing what I’m doing.  Test my cholesterol numbers more frequently, every 3 months, keeping a regular eye on them.  Also, to add urine testing to my practices. Monitoring to make sure the keytones in my system do not get too high.

Knowing the variables will offer the information If we need to make adjustments if necessary. I’m game.    

Believe it or not, he sounded positive and at no time even attempted to talk me out of it. It was an encouraging conversation.

I have faith that TNT is only going to make me healthier, it’s going to make Dr. Dave and On-X look good too!

Day 19 of TNT…

Time to do some catching up. While I have been preparing for my RRW stint I have let my Bloging go a bit.

First of all my vitals, BP 132/78/51hr. Fasting Glucose 151. Weight 206.8. Body Fat 29.7%, INR 1.8. Loooookin good if you asked me.

My blood pressure readings and glucose numbers have not been so good in long time. In fact, with taking 4 prescription drugs just targeting my BP I can’t find on my charts where my BP was under 140/85/55hr for two weeks in a row for at least two years. 3 weeks ago it was 154/98. Tuesday 132/78/51hr.

Fasting glucose value is promising. This number is 50 points lower then a previously good day. If I can draw this number down another 20 points I can probably convince my PCP to wean me off Metformin.

Weight is not really a concern, after all, I can’t expect much here because I have frigged up a couple of times. As a note, The poor decisions I made came by my misunderstanding of the Diet Plan. (other then the popcorn) I thought the choice I was making was in line. I plan every meal now, nothing “just happens”.

It will be a bonus if I drop 20 although losing a lot of weight is not my main focus here. I have not gained. Doing the 40+ solid minute workouts and changing the type and tempo of those workouts is having an affect on my body shape. I feel strong.

INR is easy to adjust, 1.8 is slightly out of range I will compensate by taking 2.5mg of Jantovin to level out. This number is a byproduct of all the salad and green vegetables I have been eating.

Last two workouts have been modest by heart rate standards only averaging around a 115 hr for the 60 minute circuits but they feel much more intense. I’ve been sticking more to conventional lifting IE, Deads, Squats, Curls, Bench, Flys, Pull Overs , in sets of 3, 10 reps each, increasing weights, and resting between sets. . Prior I had been doing more body weight cardio type stuff, moving from exercise to exercise without rest between.

I’m only 19 days in I’m seeing a little improvement and I feel good.

Be Well.