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35 Degrees when we teed off….

Shot the lowest 18 hole round of golf in my life today, 73.

37 on the front, 36 on the back. Other then one double bogie on #14 I played a very consistent round.

When I arrived at the course at 10 minutes to 9 the parking lot was full of waiting golfers. It was a little chilly this morning, right at 32 degrees when I left the house at 8:30. by 9:30, as we were teeing off it had warmed to a balmy 35!

The cold weather doesn’t bother me so much. I had dressed in layers so I had no issues. The course however is not so crazy about the frost that came along with the low temps. It’s a standing rule that you cannot tee off until all the frost has broken.

Being it was overcast today it wasn’t clearing all that fast. We were initially scheduled for a 9AM start. The 30-minute delay was not that big a deal, we used the time to warm up on the driving range.

Spec’s; Hit 12 fairways, landed 11 greens in regulation, the other 7 I got up and down, (1 chip, 1 putt), only had 27 putts for the round. Three putted one green.  2 Birds, 11 pars, 5 bogies, 1 double bogie. Par is 68, shot +5, 73.

The course played well and the greens putted true. I swung the club right today.


Visited the UMO Fitness Center,…

This place is amazing!

UMO Fitness Center Free Weights Room

$242.00 of my son’s tuition goes toward his membership to this fitness center. We visited this facility during the Friends & Family Weekend, what a place!

I had taken a number of pictures but the link here will lead you to a video worth watching. The boys use this place regular…who wouldn’t!

Shopping List……

Stopped by Sam’s Club on the way home from the gym…..That’s right, on the way home from the gym….twice within a week. Worked out with my 13-year-old son, he didn’t show me up too bad. Really good time. Might even hit it again on Wednesday!

Sustenance for the week and beyond

18 Pack Egglands Best Eggs            $3.38

1 – Rotisserie Chicken                       $4.99

1 – 40 oz Rancho Salsa                       $6.98

1 – Bag of Salad Mix                              $2,97

9 Pack Beef Jerky, 100 cal.                 $7.31

Box Atkins Protein Bars                       $12.87

Box Atkins Protein Bars                       $16.44

2 – Soft Drinks  .87@                             $1.74

Sales Tax                                                      $1.93

Total                                                            $68.59

You know you have nothing in your brain to say when the best you have is your shopping list!


Dressed for success…..

Tommy posted this picture of Chris farley on the 52DC forum today,…

Looks like me on a good day! Or did.  Chris was a funny guy.

Finally Shot Par Yesterday!……

I have been aiming at this all summer long! Finally carded a 34 on the white tees at Cobbossee Colony, my home course.

Mother and I snuck out of the store a bit early in the afternoon, too hot a day to be inside and with temps in the low 90’s too hot for walking. We strapped our clubs to a riding cart and enjoyed the sun.

We play at a course that was once part of an exclusive resort. Something like the “Dirty Dancing” get away, maintained as an escape for the rich city folks back in the 30’s, 40’s 50’s +. I talk with local folks from time to time who share experiences of working as summer help in the hay days.

Cobbossee is a 9-hole par 34 Course with 3 par threes and only one par 5. Course rating 61.6 and a slope of 100. It is not as renowned today as I am sure it was back when although it is just fine with me, I really enjoy the folks who run it and the challenge the course offers when I play. It’s not as long as some of the more modern courses built today but the small greens and the uneven lies most holes are known for make for tough play.

Yesterday’s round was actually pretty uneventful play wise. I had a bogie on #2, birdied #3 and pared the remaining 7. Never got into trouble and didn’t really do anything that remarkable. The 3-footer to finish 34 as Mother held the pin had me thinking, still in doubt until my ball rolled dead center into the cup and made that bouncing around sound in the bottom all golf addicts love to hear.

It was a nice afternoon, glad it was shared with Mother.

Trust The Line,……..

I told myself this every time I stepped over my golf ball and attempted a putt “Trust the line, Trust the line.”

Putting mechanics are the same no matter if you are out 30 feet or 30 inches. Stand square behind the ball, envision the line, set the ball. All new golf balls of any value have a reference line on them now a day.  Use the line, Trust the line.

Stand to the side of your ball, hover your putter, gauge your speed. Address the ball, line your putter up, one more peek to the hole, eye back on the ball, pull the trigger. Then smile or swear…… The mechanics are always the same.

There are a number of cusps where you can alter your decisions and things go awry. Too many times to mention I have hovered over my ball second-guessed my line an inevitably end up missing miserably. “You should have trusted the line fool!” “You should have trusted the line!” I’d say! 

This weekend I putted very well – I Trusted The Line.

Friday I played in a scholarship fundraiser at a local venue, (just an amazing golf course.) On Saturday and Sunday I competed in the Men’s Club Championship at my home course. All in all I turned in respectable scores every day.

One of my goals this year was to post both rounds for the Championship in the 70’s. Saturday I shot 79, Sunday 77. Accomplished! My 156 total is 10 strokes better then last years finish.

Goal #2, place in the top 10, when I left earlier today I was sitting in 6th, with just a couple guys on the course that could move me down the board. I will know my exact placement tomorrow morning, worst case finish I expect will be 8th.  

During both events my putter was the most consistent club in my bag. I can’t remember ever saying that before!

I Trusted The Line!

Back to the AM circuits…

I had not been to the gym in the early AM since last fall that I can remember, It felt OK to return. Pretty much the same crowd, Good people. Folks smiled and said hello.

Ron Fletcher is who I would say is our TNT Man. He has a few years on TNT, Ron’s probably 75, retired military, lifts virtually everyday and it shows. I would not instigate a fight with him!  

Doc Shelton and his wife, who sign up for about 6 machines all at the same time, there and pumping on an elliptical.

Two or three other folks I recognized were on the same treadmills, right where they were when I last attended in the early, I wonder, “Have they ever gone home?”

A couple of the regular ladies were walking the track, they would never say but they watch everything that everyone is doing as they circle the gym. Good thing too if someone were to drop for some reason or another.

I was performing the last circuit in the NROL Fat Loss I. The last two moves are the Romanian Dead’s and the Lat Rolls. You could tell that every time they passed me it was too obvious that they were watching me.

Just as I had finished the last set of the Lat Rolls and slumped into a heap resting against the ball with the stick across my lap, I looked up, and here were the girls stopped on the track and laughing a bit. I looked over smiled, and said, “You girls were waiting to see if I was going to fall off the ball weren’t you?” Laughing back, they all agreed, it was kind of funny.

6AM is going to be OK for the summer.  Some visits the folks make the gym feel at home.