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Just a little scattered,…

I think I have already moved more snow this year than I had in the previous two winters. Then again, the winter of 2009 was a pretty good one.

Our aging house is due for a new roof, actually overdue, the existing one goes back to 1989 the age of the house. It does not have the steepest of pitch to it either, 5/12. It does not shed for beans! So when it piles up, I rake, twice in the last week.

It generally takes me a couple hours and provides a pretty decent workout.


What is it with young folk and Tattoo’s? More specifically, young ladies,…only my personal opinion after all its not my body.

Reason I bring this up, Yesterday at the gym I see a gal, collage age, maybe 21, had a tattoo cascading from her left shoulder to elbow, looked like something you would see on a NFL lineman!

Haven’t quite figured out the thinking?


I am going to have to ratchet down my workouts. I am having some issue with headaches after pushing too hard. Averaging a 125+ heart rate for the hour I work is more then I should be doing.

A couple months ago I was doing curls and late into my 3rd set I felt a pull in the back of the right side of my neck that went up into my head. I stopped but not after finishing the final three reps, call me stupid. Instant headache. I rested for a couple days and it didn’t seem to bother. The times I have push it comes back.

My new goals will be more like 60 minutes, 115 – 120 avg hr. with a peak no more then 140-145. see how this does. 

Yesterday I averaged 119 over 61 minutes, seemed OK.


Some Courses offer a bonus,…

Crooked Cat Course Orange County National, Winter Garden Florida.

Wednesday morning (1/12/11) I find myself standing in a deep sand trap right in front of the 16th green of the Panther Lake Golf Course in Winter Garden Florida. My ball is setting in a depression left behind by,….what it looks like, the track of a pretty good sized cat. When I say pretty good sized, the track is the size of a softball!

The tracks went from one side of the trap through to the other.

As this registers my first reaction is to take a quick look around, like a 360 degree look around! I look over at my playing partner and say, Chuck, come over here and tell me what you think this looks like?

 He walks over takes a look, and immediately does the 360 scan like a knee jerk reaction!  Second, he looks at the hat I have on that has a cat paw print on it –  looks down – looks up at my hat again – looks down, he looks up and says,” Man, it looks like a cat to me! A big one! I hope he’s gone or you could be brunch!”  

I look back at him and say, “Not me partner, you”  “You smoke, I know I can out run you!”

True Story.

We cracked up, then moved on, at  just a bit faster pace! 

What a spectacular golf vacation to Florida.

One of my friends, Chuck, and I spent 4 days last week at Orange County National Golf Facility in Winter Garden Florida. This is the facility that hosted the 2010 PGA Qualifying School this past December. If you are a golfer, this place is a meca!

Orange County National offers up 2 – 18 hole championship courses. Crooked Cat is a links style course that is pretty open though it is peppered with sand traps and an ocean’s worth of water. The sister course, Panther Lake, is a more traditional loop with much tighter fairways and mounds everywhere. Very seldom are you fortunate enough to have a flat lie.

For not having picked up a club in 3 months I felt I played pretty well. In comparison,. Billy Mayfair won the 6 round Q-School Tournament in December at an average of 2 under par. Not and easy turn! I shot near my handicap of 12.6, after taking into account the increased difficulty.

I would go back in a heartbeat!

Just a note before I go,…

This mini vacation is hitting at a good time and at a bad time both. Doesn’t it always seem that way? Oh well, good or  bad, I’m really looking forward to ripping one down a fairway.

This week I will have my best opportunity to take out much of my cardio goal. My friend Chuck and I will be walking 6 rounds that will take 60% of my cardio out of play. Usually on a trip I find myself struggling to get my 52DC work in, not this time around.

The bad; I have more going on this winter at my business than I can shake a stick at.   The certifications we are pursuing have everyone pulling the cart in earnest.  Bad week to be away as it pertains to this work. Our first inspection takes place on the 18th. There is a solid plan of action in place and I have full confidence in my staff that they will execute it to perfection.

Here’s hoping for, no snow, lots of sunshine, on-time arrivals and departures, no bugs, and that I don’t lose more then a dozen balls!

2010 in review

Thank you to the folks who visit and comment, especially TNT man and BB Mom, You guys rock. Not too bad for the first year. Cool!

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 89 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 18 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 3mb. That’s about 2 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was January 8th with 34 views. The most popular post that day was Last night was one of my best at the gym..

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It’s been over a week,…

The past 6 days, (I arrived home lat friday actually) had been spent holed up in a tech center class room by day and a hotel room surrounded by service manuals by night. 

Actually had a pretty successful stay. The hotel is clean, the travel weather was good, I ate well and didn’t gain any weight. Most notable, One of my lead techs and I passed an exam we had been preparing for near 5 years.

When I set down early in the fall and set a list of goals for the 2001 model year. The core of those goals hinged on at least one of us passing this exam. We both slipped by with room to spare. I might even have over prepared if you can believe that. What is normally a 5 hour – 80 question exam, I completed in 2 hours and scored 97%. should have taken an extra 1/2 hour and applied myself!

This one isn’t so much about health it’s just about money!  Nothing wrong about a little extra clean earned cash!

By qualifying my service department at this level with Brunswick corp. (Mercury/Mercruiser) it opens us up to a higher discount on engine and part purchases, greater warranty reimbursements, and larger year-end rebates. I’m good with that!

Uncle sam will be happy to share in my good fortune too! Wouldn’t want to leave him out!

I haven’t fallen off the 52 DC Planet,…

Just seems like it!

It’s been one of those weeks where I have had more to do then I have had time to do it in! I shouldn’t be this busy this time of year!

The week started with an overnight visit by the collage boys last weekend. 3 days in Laconia, no sleep for 3 days, 1 workout, 1 broken computer, a little surge in business, I fistful of fry’s, pair of 13 year olds turning 14, bake sale, play practice, dance class, a mall trip, a brownie Sunday, an employee dealing with the aftermath of a heart attack, 1 beautiful afternoon that allowed for what will most likely be my last loop of the season, preparing for a 4 day trade show, fatigue, catching up with the sleep.   

As the scoreboard goes;  -3 CE’s, +9 CE’s, 1 RT, 1 CT.  Life.

Off Day,…

No exercise today, it’s been a while since I’ve taken an off day.

It’s just after 8 pm, I’m headed for bed.