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Almost about nothing,….

Hey Wake Up!

I’m feeling good! The picture has nothing to do with my post tonight, I just like the picture.

I’m sitting here in the living room kicked back, watching the Biggest Loser, has nothing to do with my exercise or diet, just like the show.  It’s right at three years that mother and I became hooked on the presentations, just about the same stretch that I’ve taken my exercise seriously, go figure.

Not sure if you watch the show but the Red team just bet that they could lose 94 pounds combined between the 9 of them, for the regular watchers, that’s just plain crazy for week 2! Average 10 pounds or so a piece! Man! Now talk about a challenge! I wish em luck.

I could use to drop 20 pounds, something tells me, even as disciplined as I can be, I’d need more of a motivator than a couple penguins spanking cymbals over my head to get it done!

I wish they would bring back Jillian, I have no doubt that she could whip me in a fair fight!

“I lift Things Up and Put them Dowwwwwnnnn,…!” The commercial is a riot!


2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Quick Post,….That’s now long!

Rained out on the 4th hole at Spring Brook toady, Bummer!

Though, my recent consistency did start out right where I had left off the night before at my home course.

Wednesday I shot a 37 that had I been able to eliminate 6 inches, (2 lipped putts that held on the edge of the hole and two other near misses) I could have posted a 33.

Thing about golf, whether you are tapping in from an inch out or driving the ball 240 yards, they both count as one stroke on the scorecard.

For the past 6 weeks I have been reformatting my mechanics with the assistance of a local pro. Never have I been able to control my shots as well as I have in the last few loops. After 35+ years of hacking away at this game I have finally learned the mechanics of how to move a ball in the direction I want it to go. Well, most of the time! Cool!

I’m hitting the ball further and with much greater accuracy.

The most important thing I believe I have learned in this process has been to stop trying to hit the ball and instead just let the ball get in the way of the club head as it passes through.  


The rain out provided another fine chance to hit the gym.

One Hour – 41 second workout, 122 avg heart rate, 154 peak. 505 reps. I feel spectacular!

Only regret is that I had forgotten to continue developing the single leg squats. I love to do an exercise that I hate, if that makes any sense. In substitution of the torture, I did a couple sets of 10, box jumps with 6 risers. Pretty big leap for this fat guy! The weighted Swiss Ball Crunches, BOSU Push Ups, Chest Fly’s and Pull overs feel like reuniting with old friends. I enjoy the feeling of slightly sore.

Did 3 slow 100 count planks, dam near killed me! Loved grunting them out.


In Closing,…..

Not to smile to wide just yet, though, with one deposit already in the house and a positive lake test for boat number two on Saturday morning, the possibility exists that we will sell our two oldest boats in inventory this week! Bonus! Here’s keeping my fingers crossed!

Be well,


A Good Summers Walk,….

Friday morning I tied my golf shoes and walked up to the Spring Brook clubhouse figuring I was meeting with Ed Balboni, the teaching pro, for a half hour lesson. Being that both of our schedules get a little screwy I generally call on Thursday afternoon to confirm. I had not done so this time around though should have. Ed was off to the county playing in a Pro-Am.

“Oh well”, I say’s to myself, plenty of work at the store to do I’ll just head in,….that was just prior to walking by the first tee box and looking down the fairway,…the fog was just beginning to rise and the sun was taking over,… a hesitation,… there was no other golfer in sight,… a look in the direction of the parking lot,… a look back toward the clubhouse,… another look down the first hole,… reached in my pocket pulled out a twenty, paid the green fees for nine and spent the next hour and a half enjoying one of the best walks of my summer.

Spectacular morning,….

It’s Summer,…..

My distractions,……other than work that is!

I lost my wedding ring,….

Still have the wife though!

Worst part is I have no idea when or where my ring came off.

Over the course of the winter I have been fighting with getting my weight down. My numbers have been decent every Tuesday, I have been eating well, exercising reasonably regular, enough to compete in the 52DC’s. Between shoveling snow and clearing my roof every three days this winter I may be in the best shape since I was a teenager.

A couple of weeks ago I went into Afib for 2 – 21/2 days and the after effects left my chest sore and my mind a bit frazzled over it. It gets you thinking as to what the long term situation could be if it decides to make more frequent appearances.

Instead of diving into the gym I took to putting an extra hundred hours or so into completing my Professional goal #2. I stayed out of the gym first because of the soreness and second, I had a slight fear that I may trigger another event, not sure why I even considered that but,….

Over the course of the two weeks absent I lost near 7 lbs even after the heart rate went back to normal. My diet was good but not as disciplined. My ring had become increasingly loose, falling off on a few occasions during this winter. Once at the gym it came out from under my glove and dropped at my feet. Picked it up, put it back on, should have given it more thought right than.

Anyway, you wouldn’t think you would lose so much weight when not working out. It finally dawned on me that I wasn’t losing fat, I’ve been losing muscle, enough muscle on my left ring finger apparently to have my ring take leave.

Not sure, when, or where it came loose. I have looked in what I think are all the obvious places over the last few days with no luck. Retraced my stops, gym, stores, office, etc, no luck.

Karma; I have reached one of the highest pinnacles of my career this week and in turn, I have lost one of the most precious things I own in the same term.  

What I am confident of is it will turn up at some point. Maybe back to me or maybe to some other sole that it was meant to be with.

If someone else does find the ring I have worn for near 21 years I expect it will bring him or her as much a sole mate as it has brought me. 

 I still have the Wife!

Roller Coaster of a week,….

This has been a week of peaks and valleys. My entire staff and I have been hard at work compiling the last bit of detail needed to meet the current certification we are working toward, Professional goal #2.

I’ve talked a little bit about the Brunswick 5 Star certification in my blog. You might recognize”5 Star” as a standard developed in the auto business to measure and maintain a high level of customer service. The Brunswick program is pretty much the same just tweaked for the marine industry. We are well into being recognized, Tuesday Feb 22nd is inspection/presentation day.

As is the tradition of the 52DC I put this assembly of the presentation guide and corresponding documentation on a set time table, we should come in under the wire with a few days to spare.

What are our goals?  To retain 25 customers who, without improved follow up practices, quietly go away never to return to us.  If we can hit this mark in the first year we execute this plan it will have paid for itself and will make us a better company.                                                                     ________________________________________________________________________________________

Tough week exercise wise, Wednesday and Thursday I spent in AFib. It’s been quite a while since my last spell and lasted longer than any time since the fall of 2008. I skipped Fridays lifting, Mother and I are going to take a walk on the Rail Trail this afternoon when it warms up.                                               _________________________________________________________________________________________  

Tuesday I was named to the Mercury / Mercruiser National Dealer Council. I was selected as one of 5 from a group of 390 dealers in the territory.

 32 years in the recreational marine business,  I think I finally have arrived!

Just a little scattered,…

I think I have already moved more snow this year than I had in the previous two winters. Then again, the winter of 2009 was a pretty good one.

Our aging house is due for a new roof, actually overdue, the existing one goes back to 1989 the age of the house. It does not have the steepest of pitch to it either, 5/12. It does not shed for beans! So when it piles up, I rake, twice in the last week.

It generally takes me a couple hours and provides a pretty decent workout.


What is it with young folk and Tattoo’s? More specifically, young ladies,…only my personal opinion after all its not my body.

Reason I bring this up, Yesterday at the gym I see a gal, collage age, maybe 21, had a tattoo cascading from her left shoulder to elbow, looked like something you would see on a NFL lineman!

Haven’t quite figured out the thinking?


I am going to have to ratchet down my workouts. I am having some issue with headaches after pushing too hard. Averaging a 125+ heart rate for the hour I work is more then I should be doing.

A couple months ago I was doing curls and late into my 3rd set I felt a pull in the back of the right side of my neck that went up into my head. I stopped but not after finishing the final three reps, call me stupid. Instant headache. I rested for a couple days and it didn’t seem to bother. The times I have push it comes back.

My new goals will be more like 60 minutes, 115 – 120 avg hr. with a peak no more then 140-145. see how this does. 

Yesterday I averaged 119 over 61 minutes, seemed OK.

Some Courses offer a bonus,…

Crooked Cat Course Orange County National, Winter Garden Florida.

Wednesday morning (1/12/11) I find myself standing in a deep sand trap right in front of the 16th green of the Panther Lake Golf Course in Winter Garden Florida. My ball is setting in a depression left behind by,….what it looks like, the track of a pretty good sized cat. When I say pretty good sized, the track is the size of a softball!

The tracks went from one side of the trap through to the other.

As this registers my first reaction is to take a quick look around, like a 360 degree look around! I look over at my playing partner and say, Chuck, come over here and tell me what you think this looks like?

 He walks over takes a look, and immediately does the 360 scan like a knee jerk reaction!  Second, he looks at the hat I have on that has a cat paw print on it –  looks down – looks up at my hat again – looks down, he looks up and says,” Man, it looks like a cat to me! A big one! I hope he’s gone or you could be brunch!”  

I look back at him and say, “Not me partner, you”  “You smoke, I know I can out run you!”

True Story.

We cracked up, then moved on, at  just a bit faster pace! 

What a spectacular golf vacation to Florida.

One of my friends, Chuck, and I spent 4 days last week at Orange County National Golf Facility in Winter Garden Florida. This is the facility that hosted the 2010 PGA Qualifying School this past December. If you are a golfer, this place is a meca!

Orange County National offers up 2 – 18 hole championship courses. Crooked Cat is a links style course that is pretty open though it is peppered with sand traps and an ocean’s worth of water. The sister course, Panther Lake, is a more traditional loop with much tighter fairways and mounds everywhere. Very seldom are you fortunate enough to have a flat lie.

For not having picked up a club in 3 months I felt I played pretty well. In comparison,. Billy Mayfair won the 6 round Q-School Tournament in December at an average of 2 under par. Not and easy turn! I shot near my handicap of 12.6, after taking into account the increased difficulty.

I would go back in a heartbeat!

Just a note before I go,…

This mini vacation is hitting at a good time and at a bad time both. Doesn’t it always seem that way? Oh well, good or  bad, I’m really looking forward to ripping one down a fairway.

This week I will have my best opportunity to take out much of my cardio goal. My friend Chuck and I will be walking 6 rounds that will take 60% of my cardio out of play. Usually on a trip I find myself struggling to get my 52DC work in, not this time around.

The bad; I have more going on this winter at my business than I can shake a stick at.   The certifications we are pursuing have everyone pulling the cart in earnest.  Bad week to be away as it pertains to this work. Our first inspection takes place on the 18th. There is a solid plan of action in place and I have full confidence in my staff that they will execute it to perfection.

Here’s hoping for, no snow, lots of sunshine, on-time arrivals and departures, no bugs, and that I don’t lose more then a dozen balls!