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Tomorrow I test,…

5AM Work Out 10-23-12

Kickboxing last Thursday night, kickboxing Saturday morning, kickboxing again tonight. The routine is only 40 minutes or so but when Mother and I are done, man, we are dripping and feeling a bit used!

These routines are easy in comparison to the Tuesday/Thursday  5AM Rise & Shiners!

Ya Gotta Love It! It’s what we go for!

I got a little off track there,… I usually do not look forward to testing my vitals but this week I’m actually anticipating some good numbers. Last week I had missed my meds on Monday night so my glucose numbers were off on Tuesday morning, 206, wicked poor.  The good though is that my blood pressure is down to a more manageable range.

Last Tuesday after a tough 5AM circuit I posted a 119/72/59HR, frigging amazing for me!

Here are my 52DC numbers and All Out Fitness challenge numbers 2 weeks in;

    52 DC Goals

CE: 24/26/90   Clean Eats
RT: 4/15          Resistance Training events
CT: 6/15          Cardio Training events
PG1: Drive my fasting glucose below 130 (10/23/12 = 206)

    All Out Fitness 3 weeks in;

Lost an inch off my hips
Lost an inch off my stomach
¼ inch off my chest
¼ inch off my thigh
I’ve lost 4 pounds, 3 of which are from fat.

I feel like I’m doing well, though Nanc is doing better than that!

The exercise routines Mother and I have been involved in are spot on with our goals. Emily and Glen at All-Out Fitness are kicking our arse every time we go in. I would recommend this place to anyone.

If you go – be sure to wear your big boy panties,…. they are going to help me get where I need to be.


One week, more or less, into the challenge(s),…

You know I’m kind of liking the Two-Fer here! My body does not recover any more quickly after my workouts though I’m getting double the credit for my pains! At least that’s the way I see it.

Into the first weekend with the Men’s Health 52 Day Challenge my numbers out of the gate are pretty decent, at least exercise wise. I’ll test my sugar on Tuesday morning after a workout.

My Goals

CE: 5/6/90 (5 Clean Eats of 6 possibilities, 90 of a possible 104 is my goal)
RT: 2/15    (resistance training)
CT: 1/15    (cardio training)
PG1: Drive my fasting glucose below 130

The “All out Fitness” Challenge is what is really keeping me disciplined. I mentioned in my prior blog post that it is a “Biggest Loser” type challenge that’s taking place at a fitness center just about ½ a mile from my home.

Mother and I joined this group recommended to her by one of her friends. We both joined and have keeping each other in check with this one. The kickboxing on Monday night is awesome; the 5 AM’s on Tuesday and Thursday are kicking my arse! We are sticking with it.

I have no designs that I will win this challenge thing but I know I’m going to be better off for taking part.


All good things,…

Dr. James Schneid

Dr. James Schneid

This past Wednesday I had the displeasure of saying goodbye to my Primary care Doc of 20+ years.  Not all that pleasant though like (who is it who said, sang in a song???…) “all good things must come to an end and it’s the same with the Wild Wood Weed”,… (or something like that, I’ll remember who penned that before closing here. Jim, Jim,..)

Dr. James Schneid, (My doc not the performer – though he is a talented man he might have been a performer one old day but that would have been before me!) has taken care of my family for 20+ years. He has called the shots spot on and we are going to miss him.

For Jim it’s retirement time, Jim, (again the doc) referred me to the right people when it came time to have my chest opened and though he did not do the hands on healing he monitored me throughout the entire ride and I do not feel that I would still be here today had it not been for his frank guidance.

To Jim prior to parting, I gave Jim a hug, I thanked him for all he had done, told him what he had meant to me and my family, and wished him well.

To me in parting he returned the hug and followed by saying “Look Rob, your still overweight, your blood pressure one day will kill you if your own poor maintenance of your diabetes doesn’t first!”  “And, if you don’t slow down it won’t be a matter of “if” though just a matter of “when” you will have a heart attack”.

Kind of close to the same parting sentiments wouldn’t you say? I thought so.

Before leaving he spoke to me of the doctor who would be taking over, refilled my prescriptions, scheduled blood work for 4 months down the road then ordered and scheduled me for a colonoscopy! Yee Frigg in’ Haw! I’m already looking forward to that!

Like all good things though, so it is with the wild wood weed,…written in 1962 by Don Bowman, recorded by Jim Stafford in the mid 70’s. Enjoy.

Jim Stafford performs “the Wild Wood Weed

Dr. James Schneid’s FMI Bio

On a good track with this 52DC,….

A couple of times in the past week I have had individuals compliment me on my “look”. I couldn’t help to feel really flattered. Both used the same term too. ”You know, you are looking really healthy.”

I don’t know that you could pay a person a better compliment, especially one who has not always been all that healthy at any time in their lives.

This particular 52 day challenge has been an experiment for me. I actually started back in November trialing a new diet and working with a tightly monitored exercise format. I don’t know that my gains have been dramatic though by what I have been seeing in the mirror and now hearing from a few I might be moving in the right direction.

Three things I have done this time around;

First I have made sure to eat breakfast every day. The days I have skipped for one useless reason or another I find are the days I continue to make poor food choices.

Second, I set up an exercise schedule and routine and where I have not stayed 100% on schedule I have tightly monitored my circuits both cardio and resistance to be sure as not to overdo. This has been a known problem with me in the past and its lead to some very unpleasant side effects.

Third, and what I personally feel has been the key to the bit of success is, I factored in rest periods. I afforded myself a couple extra too. By going to the gym with proper energy and the feel that you could work instead of just go through the paces due to fatigue I’ve made gains.

As of today with 13 days remaining to the challenge I have 3 Resistance Training circuits to complete, 5 cardio events and to eat clean the bulk on those days. God willing, I might just finish in good fashion.

The compliments are nice reminder that the work you do sometimes actually works.

A fresh new year ahead,….

I should be the last old fat guy in the world to be doling out exercise advice but I’m going too anyway!

This tends to be that time of year where the gyms get overrun with new memberships though by the first of February the enthusiasm seems to have eked out of the air and things get back to the dull roar of normal. That is just too bad!

For you, if you are inclined to make exercising a resolution this year I hope you make it over the start up chasm and make it a regular practice in your schedule. Your entire life will certainly benefit from it in so many ways.

Three years ago I was a virtual new-bee wandering into the gym for the first time in near 30 years. At the time 6 months post-surgery it was easy for me to start out slow and by doing so it made the lifestyle change to a reasonably regular exercise schedule adaptable.

If there is any one piece of advice I could offer it would be that you do just that. Start out slow, work up to a level that challenges you and allows you to meet your goals. You should be a bit sore but you shouldn’t be laboring to walk 2 days later. If you go in the gym and come away hurting yourself you are near 100% likely to fail. Your health is too important to not be doing something.

I have journaled my exercise and its effect on my general health, blood pressure, glucose numbers, weight, etc. since the start.  (maybe a second piece of advice there)  For the past couple of months I have added an extra observation to my workout notes. I have been adding a caption on how my previous routine has affected me physically, how do I feel right after, and also a day after. I’ve really been in search of my boundaries.  If I had any real brains I would have documented this aspect from the start as well.

Knowing what you can do is good, knowing what not to do is equally important.  More is not always better,  in fact sometimes “too much” especially “too quick”, can produce some pretty unhealthy results and breed some serious failure.

It’s a fresh new year with a new outlook, elect to do the gym, low and slow for starters, you will set yourself up for success. Your blood pressure and waistline will love you for it too!

Time for a little goal sett’n,…..

One of the things the 52DC’s have engrained in to my daily life is to set goals, put a plan together to be successful and with true effort make it happen. Prior to I had always been completion driven though not to the calculating degree I am today.

Last year was so much easier in this department. By early November I had a concrete list of Items I wanted to accomplish by this time. Most of my goals were business related and for the most part, we not only accomplished each one, we slam dunked a couple. I have an exceptional staff.  

Career wise, 2011, I/we have had a monster year. It’s going to be tough to follow.  2012 will be better, I have a plan. In the next week or so I’ll touch on a couple very specific points just so they are on written record here though my business plans are not what this blog is about.  

On the flip side 2011 was the worst in the last three anyway health and exercise wise. I let down on all of the 52 day challenges. My diet was not as good as it should be. My sleep habits are not where they need to be. For me to have a truly successful 2012 I need to get each of these areas in line.   

This next week I have the store closed and along with a bit of business planning I will need to put a serious plan in place to address my health and exercise shortcomings. If I don’t, I’m going to die much sooner than I should. I know this.

The next challenge starts on the 4th. Biggest loser starts on the 3rd, (I always draw positive stuff from that show) These are two very big positives though “the best plan in the world isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if you don’t carry it out Capt’n”,……. Just say’n  

First things first, I need to reestablish that balance between family, business and  health.


Need to feed the body,….

I didn’t eat well today and really felt it at the gym. Not that I ate poorly I didn’t,(well except for the bit of candy)  I just didn’t eat enough to sustain the energy I needed to push through my routine this afternoon.

Coffee with cream for breakfast as I was putting together a bowl of green beans cayenne pepper a pat of butter and a frozen chicken breast.  

I was running a bit late so instead of eggs I threw together a 30ga. or so protein shake, grabbed my case and coffee and out the door I went.  Left my packed gym bag on the bed. Mother picked up the slack for me and brought it into work. (If I have never mentioned before, she and I have worked together for a number of years, I think its been since our freshman started school.)

About 11am I went to my stash of almonds, had a handful, next thing I knew it was near 1:30, Mother was making a coffee run, ordered a medium, only put about half of it to me. 10 minutes to 4 and I finally got around to thinking I should eat the chicken before heading to the gym.

I needed to cut out early so as to get home in time to meet the Trick or Treaters.  Got sidetracked and never got to the chicken, grabbed an apple instead, Not TNT A but I do like apples.

I pulled a 45 minute workout 410 reps or so and I was spent.

You have to feed the body.

Arrived home, I’ve had a nice bowl of onion and beef soup that I made yesterday, (always better the second day) put a little Swiss cheese on top and shared it with the pooch. (did I ever mention that I am a bad dog owner)  

And,… the big and,…  since dinner I’ve had more than 1 piece of candy,.… We’re at about 40 kids so far and I have candy for 50, come on #41–50! Clean the bowl out and I’ll shut the light off.   

Not a good day with the CE’s.

Experiment day at the gym,…

I am constantly tweaking my exercises so as to get the most out of what I’m pretty sure won’t kill me.

40 pounds is my projected limit, no more than an hour or so or 600-700 reps per circuit. With a little creativity I am learning to put a hurt on most of my major muscle groups while still working inside my “Still Alive” perimeters.

Weighted Step ups and Weighted Swiss Ball Crunches are two of the staples of most every one of my Circuits. Today I threw a slight twist into each of them.

My weighted Step ups start with a stepper and 5 risers, a curl bar, 25lbs set 1 35lbs set 2, 45lbs set 3.  I use a standard underhand curl grip, I make sure my elbows do not touch my sides and perform the move while holding the bar with my arms at 90 degrees.

The weighted Swiss ball Crunches are pretty normal with the exception that I put the same curl bar of weight, hands close together, balance the bar on my chin and perform the exercise. I get a look every now and then, I’m sure I look like a dope. 

I stuff 20 BOSU Ball Push Ups in between the two exercises. 3 sets of each exercise, 20 reps per set.  180 reps total for this segment of my circuit. Takes about 20 minutes. I work it like a cardio routine where by the time I am done a set of 20 I am in the 140-150 heart rate range.  I let my hr level to around 110-115bpm before starting the next set. It’s a pretty good burn and after the 180 reps I’ve worked up a pretty good sweat, and I feel it. Though, I’ve been thinking about how to increase the intensity.

Today I added a curl to the Step Ups and a chest press to the Swiss Ball Crunches. It adds 20 more reps per set and really does the trick to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Now, if my arms don’t fall off before Wednesday I’ll call it the standard and finish out this challenge doing the exercises with the included new moves.

Before I left I experimented by using a Swiss Ball to perform a few sets of elevated chair dips. Certainly adds a little more intensity to this move too.

Good adjustments.

Quick Post,….That’s now long!

Rained out on the 4th hole at Spring Brook toady, Bummer!

Though, my recent consistency did start out right where I had left off the night before at my home course.

Wednesday I shot a 37 that had I been able to eliminate 6 inches, (2 lipped putts that held on the edge of the hole and two other near misses) I could have posted a 33.

Thing about golf, whether you are tapping in from an inch out or driving the ball 240 yards, they both count as one stroke on the scorecard.

For the past 6 weeks I have been reformatting my mechanics with the assistance of a local pro. Never have I been able to control my shots as well as I have in the last few loops. After 35+ years of hacking away at this game I have finally learned the mechanics of how to move a ball in the direction I want it to go. Well, most of the time! Cool!

I’m hitting the ball further and with much greater accuracy.

The most important thing I believe I have learned in this process has been to stop trying to hit the ball and instead just let the ball get in the way of the club head as it passes through.  


The rain out provided another fine chance to hit the gym.

One Hour – 41 second workout, 122 avg heart rate, 154 peak. 505 reps. I feel spectacular!

Only regret is that I had forgotten to continue developing the single leg squats. I love to do an exercise that I hate, if that makes any sense. In substitution of the torture, I did a couple sets of 10, box jumps with 6 risers. Pretty big leap for this fat guy! The weighted Swiss Ball Crunches, BOSU Push Ups, Chest Fly’s and Pull overs feel like reuniting with old friends. I enjoy the feeling of slightly sore.

Did 3 slow 100 count planks, dam near killed me! Loved grunting them out.


In Closing,…..

Not to smile to wide just yet, though, with one deposit already in the house and a positive lake test for boat number two on Saturday morning, the possibility exists that we will sell our two oldest boats in inventory this week! Bonus! Here’s keeping my fingers crossed!

Be well,


It’s Summer,…..

My distractions,……other than work that is!