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Shopping List……

Stopped by Sam’s Club on the way home from the gym…..That’s right, on the way home from the gym….twice within a week. Worked out with my 13-year-old son, he didn’t show me up too bad. Really good time. Might even hit it again on Wednesday!

Sustenance for the week and beyond

18 Pack Egglands Best Eggs            $3.38

1 – Rotisserie Chicken                       $4.99

1 – 40 oz Rancho Salsa                       $6.98

1 – Bag of Salad Mix                              $2,97

9 Pack Beef Jerky, 100 cal.                 $7.31

Box Atkins Protein Bars                       $12.87

Box Atkins Protein Bars                       $16.44

2 – Soft Drinks  .87@                             $1.74

Sales Tax                                                      $1.93

Total                                                            $68.59

You know you have nothing in your brain to say when the best you have is your shopping list!



Shot at Platinum is waning…

Keeping clean for 95 of 104 ½ days,… Toughest test on the board.

Starting this winter challenge I knew that my real test would come with the clean eats.  I am not out …yet,… but I am on the doorstep.  One more cheat and the color of my medal will change.

Back to Thursday; I had been to the gym just shy of lunch.  When I arrived back at the store the executive director of The Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed, beat me there by 10 minutes or so.  He had come packing a full-blown Chinese takeout lunch for my staff. A full slate of all the favorites none of which are close to being on my clean eats list, diabetic list, or any list of foods I should be eating.

My business partner and I donate a fair amount of money and recourses to this group. Their primary mission is to help clean and preserve the 28 lakes and ponds that make up the Cobbossee watershed.  Our back yard.  We are strong supporters of their mission.  The work they do is making a difference in our community and we are proud to have the ability help in any way we can. 

As a thank you, Mr. Ex. Director feels that the group should show appreciation for our input by providing a lunch once a year or so for the staff and ourselves.  I feel it is really unnecessary though we are all very appreciative.  Tough position to say no.  As it turns out, I have zero willpower, no surprise, and partake of the layout. I have been paying for it since.  Cosmic justice I figure it!

Deep fried Rangoon’s and chicken fingers are not part of my diet, really should have avoided them.  Not that the heavily marinated everything else was all that good. Since Thursday mid afternoon my system has not been right.  Carried over into Friday, just lazy and mundane.  Saturday morning was better did get around a little more but still did not do anything substantial.

It’s Sunday, today I’m back on the horse and feeling better. Fresh start.

Felt Real Strong Tonight

The chicken breast chunks I had for a late lunch went down real good.

They were leftovers from the night before. I tried a new recipe we found in a diabetics cookbook over the past weekend. Baked the chicken with 25 cloves of garlic, ½ cup of white wine and ½ cup of chicken stock.

One rule Mother and I have is that if one of eats something with a lot of garlic we both eat it! Keeps us enjoying being around each other!

This blog wasn’t supposed to start out as a menu discussion. I was punctuating the fact that I had a nice dose of pure protein about a hour before I hit the gym floor. I have to think this extra food for the muscles powered me through a great workout today.

For some crazy reason I have been having thoughts of doubling up on my 3600 challenge. I’m nearing completion on most of my initial levels. Performing 200 Planks is going to be hard enough, just not sure that I could crank out 400…… everything else should be easy enough to achieve. Still not the point.

To finish what I set out to say here, initially I showed up at the gym with full intention to complete a Spartacus workout. For some reason as I started my warm-ups, (the first few moves of my core circuit) I just continued on and finished my core circuit with extra reps thrown in.  Then I moved on to a full Spartacus routine.

Man am I going to sleep good tonight!

Surprisingly I don’t feel all that sore….yet….tonight….Good Chicken!

Good Chicken Burrito

Anyone else get the email updates from the Biggest Loser site?

I do. Tuesday I received a recipe for a chicken burrito, turned out to be a really good eat! 

Simple enough and not a lot of ingredients my kind of cooking. This is my take on the recipe. It is pretty much as it came to me I just added the Mrs. Dash seasoning and the jalapenos. 

1 Pound boneless chicken breast, raw, cubed,

   (I sliced mine in strips knowing I was putting them in a  wrap)

Couple of red peppers

Couple of green peppers

Large white or yellow onion

1 Cup of fat free chicken broth (I use Swanson’s low sodium)

Tablespoon or two of olive oil

Few whole wheat wraps

Shredded cheddar cheese

Small can of black beans drained and rinsed

I added, a couple jalapenos and some Mrs. Dash extra spicy blend

Simple, Stir fried the chicken in a skillet with the olive oil. Add the onions, red, green, and jalapeno peppers. Pour the chicken broth over the top,

I seasoned the mixture with the Mrs. Dash spice to taste. Cover and let cook for just a few minutes, keep an eye on it make sure the vegetables stay crisp. Turn the heat off, then add the can of black beans the residual heat will heat the beans.

Lay a wrap on a plate, sprinkle with about an ounce of cheddar cheese, cover with chicken mixture, wrap and eat.

This is a good wrap. Try it, it’s easy to make, easy on the diet, and tasty.