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Eating plan and the plate,….

I have restructured my exercise for the winter 52 DC to a level I can live with, literally. Now it’s time to stick the diet. Nothing like waiting until the last moment eh!

My cardiologist and I have had a bit of a disagreement in how I should eat. I know that eating a rigid low carb higher fat diet like the TNT Plan A, similar to an Atkins Plan works in helping me to hit my BP and glucose targets. I know it, I know it, I just have a wicked hard time following it to the letter.

The diet that my cardiologist most recommends, The DASH Diet, reads like this for my situation.

Folks with Type 2 Diabetes should avoid high carb, low-fat diets. Instead choose low carb, moderate protein, and moderate fats. We are getting closer in theory.

I know TNT A works though it excludes a few foods that I just enjoy too much to give up near completely. Hense my ability to be successful. As far as I see it, The DASH diet is the next best choice.  It’s a plan that appeases my Doc as well as allowing for a few foods I really enjoy.

I’ll continue to eat very low carb, It’s what I do and it’s the best thing I can do to help keep my glucose numbers in check.  What carbs I do consume will be of the complex variety and come from vegetables, fruit, strongly suggested oatmeal, and a limited amount of whole wheat breads.

I have been following the plan for a few weeks now and my glucose and BP numbers are responding accordingly.

As a kicker, to help with the amount I eat, especially at night, yesterday I bought a set of 9 1/4″ plates to replace our standard 10 ½’s we have used forever and fill almost every night. Even if I fill the smaller plate my portions should be proportionately smaller.

The smaller plate won’t do any good if I fill it more than once.

Let the Winter 52DC Begin! I’m in a good position to actually succeed this time around.


Tackling the diet,…

Like trying to tackle a wild cat to me and then to hold it down!

As for the 52DC’s and real life here is where I kick my own arse time and time again. I know what I need to do though doing it consistently is a constant on the mind task. Seems also that the more I focus on rounding out a diet to maintain my weight inevitably I gain, frustrating as hell!

This break from work has given me a chance to read up on a couple of concept diets and evaluate not just their abilities to have me meet my targets but at the same time be a method that I can actually stick to so that it does work.

You hear so many times where someone will say, “hey, this diet or that diet does not work,…blaa, blaa, blaa,… what I hear is that “I didn’t dedicate 100% to it therefore I failed at it”.

I wish I could somehow mix the two concepts I am evaluating though I suspect that if I were to I will continue to post weight and personal vital numbers that are out of range further than they should be.

I will dial something in by Wednesday and go with it for the 52 days.

A wise friend of mine posts; ”The best diet is one you can stick to”. …….

I’m turning into a friggin’ blimp,…

I started out this challenge at 210lbs knowing full well that I would be spending 10-12 days on the road and working through the biggest eating holiday of the year. I was ready!

Week 1 I dropped near a couple of pounds, only took another 7-8 days to put it back on. One trip out and I came back with a couple more pounds. Second trip out and I actually weighted in pretty close to even from leaving. Third trip out I came home at 207, that was last Tuesday, not bad! Then has come the ead up too and the loved holiday on the tail end.

I do love all the trappings of Thanksgiving, Mother-in-laws turkey (should have stopped there) Sister-in-laws sweet potatoes, with cheese,… the stuffing, white potatoes doctored to the max, pies and an amazing array of deserts,… this family like most can cook!

I being of very little willpower love to sample, though, when does a sample become a helping! Ahhhh the questions,…. Throw in a long lack of steady exercise,…

This morning I’m a svelte 213lbs, not a good number, if I don’t get back to the gym and curb my eating, by Christmas dinner (now did you have to mention the second most beloved dinner of my year) I will turn into a friggin’ blimp!    

Tomorrow it’s back to near normal life as I know it. A normal work day, normal controlled menu, an hour stop at the gym before heading home.

Tomorrow night I write and post early the opening post for the 52DC forum, life hopefully will settle back down into my comfortable routine.

I can’t claim success on my CE goal as much so for losing track as it’s been for eating entirely poor.  Though there is still time to make the balance of my goals. 

I’m Still Ready!

2 Versions,…

The SHORT Version,

You can eat half way decent while attending a conference where most of your choices are limited and there is a nightly open bar.

You can keep your legs from going completely numb if you make sure to put about 2 miles of walking in between seminars, sun up to sundown.

If you show up at a industry conference with an open mind looking to learn something, you will be rewarded.

Even if you are a Po-dunk from a small region of the country you can make a decent showing on a national level in your industry if you work hard and play out on the edge most of the time.

5 Days on the road, I didn’t do anything to help though in turn I didn’t do anything to destroy my current 52 day challenge.



Mother and I crept into our home Thursday evening around 7PM, just a couple hours later than expected. Tired and a little chilled, we flew out under sunny 80 degree skies and arrived home in the middle of a cold rain. Back to reality.   

We had spent the last 5 days attending the Marine Dealer Conference and Expo at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Kissimmee Florida. Spectacular facility! The place sports a large atrium with its own indoor castle, 40 foot schooner, their own crop of lazy gators, and a myriad of live fish, everywhere! I would recommend it to anyone though be warned, bring your wallet!  

The conference is the first of two stretches I will be spending away from home and away from my scheduled life this month. The next starts on the 17th and runs through the 22nd and includes 2 events.

Over the stay I was able to make reasonably decent meal choices. When I weighted in this morning I had only gained 1 pound. This was a moral victory in itself for me. I have a great respect for folks like SWF who spend most of their business life traveling and eating out. When given the opportunity I made every effort to stick to protein and vegetables. At the sit downs I was cognizant of portion sizes. Did well not over indulging on the open bar and laid off the continental breakfasts.   

One thing about a place like this though, you can bet that you will put a few miles of walking a day just getting to and from the reason that brought you there.  Mother and I walked 10 miles if we walked 1! We took the stairs as often as made sense and took every chance to burn off some of the calories we were consuming between meetings.  

Other than the walking though I did nothing for exercise.  Of all the crazy things they charged extra for the weight room was nice, plenty of free weights and cardio equipment and free! Never used it though, Stupid! Guess I figured if it wasn’t really overpriced it wasn’t for me! Walked in and looked around, just never made the time.

Mentally, it was a very sound trip. I have arrived home with a number of solid ideas that I can begin to implement right off.

Physically, I am still a bit fatigued from the 7AM to 9PM schedule the conference was set upon. The walking added up over time but it wasn’t a consistent cardio for 30 minutes at any one time.  To be fair I am going to split the CE’s.

This is the trip where my company was recognized as one of the top 100 in the recreational marine industry. We placed #65. Not bad, room for improvement though the competition is firm! During the presentations the hosts announced that there used to be near 10,000 dealers in North America, over the past 5 years that number has dropped to around 6,000. I’m good being #65.

All in all, one pound for the week, I’m good. I have a week to get some circuit exercise in before I get off kilter again. By the scoreboard, even with being a slacker and slipping Thanksgiving in I should be able to meet all of my core and personal goals for the challenge.

Need to feed the body,….

I didn’t eat well today and really felt it at the gym. Not that I ate poorly I didn’t,(well except for the bit of candy)  I just didn’t eat enough to sustain the energy I needed to push through my routine this afternoon.

Coffee with cream for breakfast as I was putting together a bowl of green beans cayenne pepper a pat of butter and a frozen chicken breast.  

I was running a bit late so instead of eggs I threw together a 30ga. or so protein shake, grabbed my case and coffee and out the door I went.  Left my packed gym bag on the bed. Mother picked up the slack for me and brought it into work. (If I have never mentioned before, she and I have worked together for a number of years, I think its been since our freshman started school.)

About 11am I went to my stash of almonds, had a handful, next thing I knew it was near 1:30, Mother was making a coffee run, ordered a medium, only put about half of it to me. 10 minutes to 4 and I finally got around to thinking I should eat the chicken before heading to the gym.

I needed to cut out early so as to get home in time to meet the Trick or Treaters.  Got sidetracked and never got to the chicken, grabbed an apple instead, Not TNT A but I do like apples.

I pulled a 45 minute workout 410 reps or so and I was spent.

You have to feed the body.

Arrived home, I’ve had a nice bowl of onion and beef soup that I made yesterday, (always better the second day) put a little Swiss cheese on top and shared it with the pooch. (did I ever mention that I am a bad dog owner)  

And,… the big and,…  since dinner I’ve had more than 1 piece of candy,.… We’re at about 40 kids so far and I have candy for 50, come on #41–50! Clean the bowl out and I’ll shut the light off.   

Not a good day with the CE’s.


Added donuts to my “Not To Eat list. Minor oversight,….

One of our favorite customers came in on schedule this morning to have his boat winterized and as Paul always does he showed up packing 2 dozen of the deep fried nuggets for the staff to share.

Think of that one bakery that you knew you could go to if you were in search of the perfect tasting donut,…that is where these gems come from. Small family bakery in downtown Pittsfield Maine.

As the scoreboard will show, 52DC 1 Donuts 0. I held back.

I thanked Paul for the gift he is an exceptional guy. I accepted the boxed cakes and brought them immediately out to the service department. Didn’t peak, didn’t zone in and lift the cover for a smell or even a look. No need to temp myself. The crew, whom really deserved the treats, were very thankful recipients. 

Donuts are on the list. No donuts for the Capt’n.

35 Minutes on an elliptical this early evening, followed up with a short walk and 10 minutes of body weight exercises. Specs; 47:10 Min, 133 Avg HR, 160 Peak.

Tomorrow is going to be a scheduled day off, Lift on Saturday afternoon, Golf on Sunday. Lift again Monday evening.

It’ my diet,…..TNT Plan Rob,….

Good start to this challenge. The one thing I will wrestle with is going to be my diet. I am attempting to follow TNT plan A, though as is everything I do I am personalizing it.  Maybe I should call it Plan Rob?

TNT you may tell me how close to any plan it may resemble.

For the last week I have cut my breakfasts in ½. Where I had been eating 2 – 3OZ sausages or 3 slices of bacon, with 2 eggs, couple oz of cheese. I have reverted to ½ of that., less the cheese. Pint or so of water, 18 oz coffee with light cream.

I mixed a shake of 6 oz of diet blueberry juice, (zero carbs) with a couple oz of light cream, a tablespoon of Metamucil, and a scoop of gold standard protein powder @ 20 grams. Top off with a few oz of water.

I flip flop the shake and the egg plate some days. This morning I had the eggs while doing email and absorbed the shake in sections throughout the day. Last bit just before hitting the gym for NROL A1.

At 12:30 or so, while on the fly, I had a nice crisp Empire apple. I’m not going to beat myself up for eating an apple. Had a handful of mixed nuts while scanning messages. Pint of water.

Lunch today hit around 3 PM. (I spent about 4 hours on the water today, fodder for another blog not this one) Lunch was a couple of tablespoons of chicken salad made with Miracle Whip, on a garden salad with balsamic vinegar. 

Worked out on the way home, as I mentioned NROL A1, 47 Min, 130 avg hr, 156 peak. 1/2 way through I was thinking it was too easy, when I finished, I was finished! Had a 30Gram protein shake on the way home.

For dinner I pan grilled 6 oz of chicken breast. When crispy I added a drained can of diced tomatoes with chili peppers. Micro waved a bowl, of cauliflower, broccoli, and a few frozen carrots. 20 oz of water.

If I have anything as a snack tonight it will be a handful of almonds or maybe a protein shake made with ice and light cream.

This is how I have been living the last couple of weeks. My energy level is starting to moderate.

Today my staff saved me, they needed another driver to retrieve boats. There are much worse jobs! I held a few!

I am no Choir Boy now, I just can’t see docking myself a clean eat for enjoying an apple or for adding a tablespoon of fiber to my diet. Frankly I like the regularity that has developed.

Here is a list of foods that are off limits for me.

Potato chips, crackers, bread, white rice, (may have a small amount of brown once in a while) white potato, candy of any form, fast food of any brand, Unless,…I do it right, only the meat, egg, cheese & vegetables. Breaded fried foods, Regular soda, never touch it anyway.

You may suggest a few more, I’m open to critique and suggestion.

Good start for the challenge.  Tomorrow I will get up and do it all over again.

Shopping List……

Stopped by Sam’s Club on the way home from the gym…..That’s right, on the way home from the gym….twice within a week. Worked out with my 13-year-old son, he didn’t show me up too bad. Really good time. Might even hit it again on Wednesday!

Sustenance for the week and beyond

18 Pack Egglands Best Eggs            $3.38

1 – Rotisserie Chicken                       $4.99

1 – 40 oz Rancho Salsa                       $6.98

1 – Bag of Salad Mix                              $2,97

9 Pack Beef Jerky, 100 cal.                 $7.31

Box Atkins Protein Bars                       $12.87

Box Atkins Protein Bars                       $16.44

2 – Soft Drinks  .87@                             $1.74

Sales Tax                                                      $1.93

Total                                                            $68.59

You know you have nothing in your brain to say when the best you have is your shopping list!


Shot at Platinum is waning…

Keeping clean for 95 of 104 ½ days,… Toughest test on the board.

Starting this winter challenge I knew that my real test would come with the clean eats.  I am not out …yet,… but I am on the doorstep.  One more cheat and the color of my medal will change.

Back to Thursday; I had been to the gym just shy of lunch.  When I arrived back at the store the executive director of The Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed, beat me there by 10 minutes or so.  He had come packing a full-blown Chinese takeout lunch for my staff. A full slate of all the favorites none of which are close to being on my clean eats list, diabetic list, or any list of foods I should be eating.

My business partner and I donate a fair amount of money and recourses to this group. Their primary mission is to help clean and preserve the 28 lakes and ponds that make up the Cobbossee watershed.  Our back yard.  We are strong supporters of their mission.  The work they do is making a difference in our community and we are proud to have the ability help in any way we can. 

As a thank you, Mr. Ex. Director feels that the group should show appreciation for our input by providing a lunch once a year or so for the staff and ourselves.  I feel it is really unnecessary though we are all very appreciative.  Tough position to say no.  As it turns out, I have zero willpower, no surprise, and partake of the layout. I have been paying for it since.  Cosmic justice I figure it!

Deep fried Rangoon’s and chicken fingers are not part of my diet, really should have avoided them.  Not that the heavily marinated everything else was all that good. Since Thursday mid afternoon my system has not been right.  Carried over into Friday, just lazy and mundane.  Saturday morning was better did get around a little more but still did not do anything substantial.

It’s Sunday, today I’m back on the horse and feeling better. Fresh start.

Felt Real Strong Tonight

The chicken breast chunks I had for a late lunch went down real good.

They were leftovers from the night before. I tried a new recipe we found in a diabetics cookbook over the past weekend. Baked the chicken with 25 cloves of garlic, ½ cup of white wine and ½ cup of chicken stock.

One rule Mother and I have is that if one of eats something with a lot of garlic we both eat it! Keeps us enjoying being around each other!

This blog wasn’t supposed to start out as a menu discussion. I was punctuating the fact that I had a nice dose of pure protein about a hour before I hit the gym floor. I have to think this extra food for the muscles powered me through a great workout today.

For some crazy reason I have been having thoughts of doubling up on my 3600 challenge. I’m nearing completion on most of my initial levels. Performing 200 Planks is going to be hard enough, just not sure that I could crank out 400…… everything else should be easy enough to achieve. Still not the point.

To finish what I set out to say here, initially I showed up at the gym with full intention to complete a Spartacus workout. For some reason as I started my warm-ups, (the first few moves of my core circuit) I just continued on and finished my core circuit with extra reps thrown in.  Then I moved on to a full Spartacus routine.

Man am I going to sleep good tonight!

Surprisingly I don’t feel all that sore….yet….tonight….Good Chicken!