52 DC progress,…

I’m not crushing this challenge though I’m feeling good about my start. All I have done since March has been to work. Exercise has included not much more then to walk or carry a golf bag. Not quite the same as pressing it at the gym.

Today (Tuesday) I had a great circuit, amazing how quickly it’s bouncing back. 600 weighted reps in my circuit today. I have a couple of 750 rep routines that I should be able to finish in 45 minutes each. I’ll alternate the routines through at least the end of this challenge.

I’m listening to system and working my way up. Thursday I’ll finish the 750 in the 45 minutes for the first time. Gotta start somewhere.

Here are my goals and what my post on Wednesday 10/30 will be.

My Goals

CE: 25/28/85
RT: 3/12
CT: 2/12
PG1: 6/45 50 push Ups @ day



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  1. Posted by TNT Man on October 29, 2013 at 8:29 PM


    Good to see you back in the game. Your counting total reps in a time frame is interesting. I am going to have to count and figure out how I measure up.

    Be well.
    TNT Man


  2. I started doing that some time ago, my cardiologist suggested that I not go more then 45 minutes moderate and to try and to work my heart rate not much more then 140 – 145. What I am doing is really a mix of body weights and dumb bells, curl bars, nothing more then 50 pounds so to some it would be weak. I work in sets of 12, 15 or 20.
    No Bulgarian Splits Squats yet though! Maybe next week.
    The 45 minutes does not include warm up and cool down. I’m too dam goal oriented for my own good sometimes!


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