Tomorrow I test,…

5AM Work Out 10-23-12

Kickboxing last Thursday night, kickboxing Saturday morning, kickboxing again tonight. The routine is only 40 minutes or so but when Mother and I are done, man, we are dripping and feeling a bit used!

These routines are easy in comparison to the Tuesday/Thursday  5AM Rise & Shiners!

Ya Gotta Love It! It’s what we go for!

I got a little off track there,… I usually do not look forward to testing my vitals but this week I’m actually anticipating some good numbers. Last week I had missed my meds on Monday night so my glucose numbers were off on Tuesday morning, 206, wicked poor.  The good though is that my blood pressure is down to a more manageable range.

Last Tuesday after a tough 5AM circuit I posted a 119/72/59HR, frigging amazing for me!

Here are my 52DC numbers and All Out Fitness challenge numbers 2 weeks in;

    52 DC Goals

CE: 24/26/90   Clean Eats
RT: 4/15          Resistance Training events
CT: 6/15          Cardio Training events
PG1: Drive my fasting glucose below 130 (10/23/12 = 206)

    All Out Fitness 3 weeks in;

Lost an inch off my hips
Lost an inch off my stomach
¼ inch off my chest
¼ inch off my thigh
I’ve lost 4 pounds, 3 of which are from fat.

I feel like I’m doing well, though Nanc is doing better than that!

The exercise routines Mother and I have been involved in are spot on with our goals. Emily and Glen at All-Out Fitness are kicking our arse every time we go in. I would recommend this place to anyone.

If you go – be sure to wear your big boy panties,…. they are going to help me get where I need to be.


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  1. Capt’n:

    Awesome!!!! What better way to have fun and burn fat than with your wife! WOW! Look at your results…you are doing incredible! You have plenty of motivation to keep you kicking!!!!




    • Evening BB Mom,

      When the class is going on it’s tough! The heart rate is up and you are always moving, I never though I would enjoy any type of exercise classes though I am enjoying these.

      The bonus is that I am doing it right along with my wife, we have finally found something other then walking were we are on the same plane. We are both loving it.

      Here’s hoping TNT & TJAK have come through this storm somewhat unscathed. I didn’t see either on on the forum today, knowing where theyb live I’m not surprised. Last year it was snow.



  2. Posted by TNT Man on November 8, 2012 at 11:07 AM


    Our business was shut down for 3 days, the building regained power and allowed us to re-open on Thursday – but so many people had (and still have) no electric that all we did was put out fires. Even then – our office internet was catch as catch can. Our home did not regain electric until the following Sunday afternoon – 5 3/4 days. OUCH.

    Yesterday afternoon thru the night was a Nor’easter. I shoveled the driveway this morning as my Cardio.

    Glad to see you are enjoying your kick-boxing and related program – especially doing it with your wife. Now – gird your loins and get ready for a week away.

    Be Well.
    TNT Man


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