52 DC – The Fall Classic,…

I’m up for this challenge, here are my goals:

Clean Eats: 90/104

Resistance Training: 15 Events

Cardio: 15 Events

PG 1: Push my fasting glucose below 130

Being the lab rat I am, here are my starting specs; (everything is a number)

Weight an even 206 pounds on my scale this morning

Blood Pressure: 150/90 with a 53 BPM pulse

My INR is in Range at 2.4

My Fasting Glucose number this morning was 188.

It’s this last number that leads me to my Personal Goal this time around.  My fasting glucose value is the vital I really want to work on for this challenge. The best thing I could do for myself is to push my fasting number below 130 on the average going forward. I’ll drive it down through exercise and diet.

I am not neurotic about checking my sugar levels many times a day or even once a day, I check once a week. Each Tuesday I sit and do all of my testing /reporting for the week as I have for 3 ½ years or so I will continue to throughout this challenge and report the valuers here.

This challenge is going to be kind of a two-fer for me. I am currently taking part in a Biggest Loser type challenge through a local fitness center (“All out Fitness”) with my wife and we are enjoying the hell out of it,….if you call the killer workouts for us anyway “enjoyment!”

I’ve discovered kick boxing and, “choke”,… 5 AM workouts. I’m making my way through. Mother and I started the challenge a week ago Saturday.

My plan is to kick box on Monday Night, 40 minute exercise classes on Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 5, and lifting at the Y on Wednesday’s. Friday through Sunday are going to be free days for make-up circuits or extras, healing the body, rest, I expect all in all I will post 5 workouts a week. This should keep me on track to be successful with all of the fitness challenge/goals I’ve set for this term.

Now, as for the diet,…….


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on October 17, 2012 at 6:32 AM

    Glad to see you back in the swing – and as per usual – laying out some significant goals and a clear path to get there.

    Welcome to the 5am club – takes getting use to – but it works – Just need to spend more time programing your DVR.

    Now as for the diet —–

    Be Well
    TNT Man


    • I know you are all over the 5 AM thing TNT but for me, that’s a challenge in itself. I can work business ionto thye wee hours of the night or hit the sack at 8PM, either way dragging my butt out of the bed is a monumental task!, Did it this morning though!

      It feels good to be back on an exercise schedule.

      Be well.



  2. Posted by Nancy on October 17, 2012 at 6:38 AM

    oh the diet…..sigh….
    thanks for doing the challenge with me! I am so happy you are back with the 52DC as I know you do your best work with this group. But the diet…..we can do it…I think 🙂
    Good Luck!!!! You inspire me to want to do better. ❤


    • We’ll get the diet dialed in, I just dn’t understand my recent craving for fish though, you know better then anyone that I’m not a big fish eater! Talipia tonight eh?


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