Discovered Kick Boxing today and I love it!

Wow! What a great workout! It wasn’t so killer but I think the leader took it easy on the class this morning, knowing that there were a few greenies miserably out of sync shaking their stuff!

I’m sure that I’ll be finding out just why they call the place “All Out Fitness” real soon though!

Ahhhhh,… it’s been about a month or so since my Wife first mentioned to me something about a “Biggest Loser” type challenge that would be starting today (Oct 6th). She talked about how one of her friends had been involved in past challenges atAll Out Fitness” and had posted some super results.

Mother was really high on doing this and doing this together, we could motivate each other.  Today was the official signup and opening session, we were there.  We were two of the greenies, terribly out of sync and shaking our stuff! It wasn’t puuurty!

Being the tracking/numbers geek I am; during today’s routine I registered a peak heart rate of 143 and an average of 102 over a 45 minute opening session. That’s not too bad for me but I’m thinking that I would like to see the average creep up to 110-115. Something tells me that won’t be much of a problem in the next session when the kid gloves come off!

The bonus; My Cardio Sessions for the next MH 52 DC just became a whole lot less boring!



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  1. Capt’n:

    Great job and I think it is wonderful idea for the two of you to do it together…nothing like a little friendly competition and motivation!!

    Glad to see you will be back the next challenge…bring your wife too!!!!




  2. Posted by TNT Man on October 6, 2012 at 11:21 PM


    Glad to see you posting again. That challenge sounds like fun.

    I’m with BBM – happy to see you back at the next 52DC – Fun for all.

    TNT Man


  3. Evening folks, thanks for chiming in.

    You know, even with as poor as I have been about dropping off the 52DC planet this spring/summer you two have never given up on me. I could not put in to words here how grateful I am for your welcoming encouragement.

    Rosie and I are going to have a lot of fun with this biggest loser challenge. The fitness center is only about a half mile from our house and we like the instructors, we like the programing and best of all they hold classes that work with our crazy schedules. Between business and teenagers that is the most rare!

    Mother is really taking the challenge serious, even passed up on a Starbucks at the mall this afternoon!

    As soon as the 52DC sign up post is put up I’ll be jumping on it.

    See you on the forum.



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