All good things,…

Dr. James Schneid

Dr. James Schneid

This past Wednesday I had the displeasure of saying goodbye to my Primary care Doc of 20+ years.  Not all that pleasant though like (who is it who said, sang in a song???…) “all good things must come to an end and it’s the same with the Wild Wood Weed”,… (or something like that, I’ll remember who penned that before closing here. Jim, Jim,..)

Dr. James Schneid, (My doc not the performer – though he is a talented man he might have been a performer one old day but that would have been before me!) has taken care of my family for 20+ years. He has called the shots spot on and we are going to miss him.

For Jim it’s retirement time, Jim, (again the doc) referred me to the right people when it came time to have my chest opened and though he did not do the hands on healing he monitored me throughout the entire ride and I do not feel that I would still be here today had it not been for his frank guidance.

To Jim prior to parting, I gave Jim a hug, I thanked him for all he had done, told him what he had meant to me and my family, and wished him well.

To me in parting he returned the hug and followed by saying “Look Rob, your still overweight, your blood pressure one day will kill you if your own poor maintenance of your diabetes doesn’t first!”  “And, if you don’t slow down it won’t be a matter of “if” though just a matter of “when” you will have a heart attack”.

Kind of close to the same parting sentiments wouldn’t you say? I thought so.

Before leaving he spoke to me of the doctor who would be taking over, refilled my prescriptions, scheduled blood work for 4 months down the road then ordered and scheduled me for a colonoscopy! Yee Frigg in’ Haw! I’m already looking forward to that!

Like all good things though, so it is with the wild wood weed,…written in 1962 by Don Bowman, recorded by Jim Stafford in the mid 70’s. Enjoy.

Jim Stafford performs “the Wild Wood Weed

Dr. James Schneid’s FMI Bio


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nancy on September 3, 2012 at 10:25 AM

    He will be missed much more than he will ever realize! You did forget to mention the vasectomy story…haha…
    Now you could take his final advice to you…just sayin’ ❤


  2. Posted by TNT Man on September 3, 2012 at 10:35 AM

    Hmmmm – Sounds like it may be re-enlisting time. Re-dedication to the progress you’ve made in the past.

    Hoping to see you around the Boards.

    Be Well
    TNT Man


  3. Capt’n,

    HELLO! You have been missed! Marching orders in place….sounds like he knows what you need to do and so do you!!! Knowing you…you will be hitting it hard.

    Take care of yourself and come back and see us in the challenges!

    Take Care!



  4. Evening folks,

    Thank you all for the replies, thank you for the nice comments.
    Time and the lack of it this summer have me hovering on the outer perimeter of my vitals, Not any one is off the charts but all could use a little improvement.
    Such is my life.
    It’s going to take the better part of 6 weeks just to get myself back into shape to compete with you folks come mid October! I’ll be ready!
    My schedule should begin to relax a bit very soon, I’m looking forward to the bit of free time.

    Be Well,



  5. Posted by Kimberly on September 4, 2012 at 6:50 AM

    Hey Rob,
    You might want to try a natural doctor. Check our Christopher Maloney’s website Maloneymedical. He is on Drew Street in Augusta. He is not covered by most insurances but it is well worth the trip & time to see him. I am currently working with him an the natural cures seem to be working. Thanks, Kimberly


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