Just a tweak or two,…

What I do in the gym is never going to be misconstrued as overly difficult.

There are guys (and gals for that matter) at my gym doing some pretty impressive things.  That’s not me however. I’m the low and slow guy on the corner matt doing alternating sets of sit-ups and core stabilizers with a 25 pound plate.

Today I added a twist to a couple of my regulars.

During my 3rd set of 20 weighted sit-ups (I hold a 25lb plate about an inch off my forehead) I drop back to about the 70 degree position or so, hold for a second then do an overhead (or more so) a chest press with the plate, then back to the top and with no hesitation go into the next rep. It just adds that one more degree of stress I do like.

Today I did the last set of 20 this way then added an additional 12 for a total of 72, 32 with the press. I may need to stick to sets of 12 or 15 instead of 20 because the heart rate runs into the mid 140’s. I need to stay under 140.

I like BOSU push-ups, I like decline push-ups, so today I combined them.

3 sets of 20 alternated with wide stance prisoner squats.

Again, I’ll have to watch the heart rate until I get more use to them. One more time, it adds that extra little stress to the move. I feel in my shoulders tonight.

The routines and the perimeters I’m working inside seem to be doing the job.  I do like to mix em up.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nancy on January 23, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    You, sir, are crazy! You are so motivated to stay alive…and it is fun to watch the younger kids in the gym watch your crazy workouts. I love it, but yes, watch the heart rate…I would like to grow much older with you. ❤ Nanc


  2. Capt’n:

    Nice job! You don’t have to be the extra ordinary guy at the guy…you know what works and what doesn’t…..sounds like you have a great workout there!



  3. Posted by TNT Man on January 23, 2012 at 10:28 PM

    You are still doing more than me – so shut up. 😉

    You are the guy – always going the extra mile – well done.

    TNT Man


  4. I could only hope to keep up with either of you two! You guys work circles around me!

    Most of my thinking when tweaking is “Well, I’m right here right now what else can I be doing at the same time?” multi-tasking, it’s how I’m wired I guess.

    The twists feel pretty good this morning I am a bit achy in the right places, especially upper mid back and shoulders. New inflictions!

    Have a great Tuesday.



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