The smaller plate & K.I.S.S.,…..

So far so good, it seems like almost too simple eh? It never is though!

Two things I have been working on during this 52 DC, eating less, (though eating more often) and keeping the exercise routine to 5 days out of seven. Again I say “So far so good”, it’s taken a few weeks for it to become more like habit.

Here are my results 11 days in;

Clean Eats:  19 of a possible 22

Resistance training; 4 of a goal of 15

Cardio training; 4 of a goal of 15

Days at the gym; 7 of a goal of 26.

The smaller plate is as psychological as its reduced physical girth aids. I tend to load the 9 ¼ “ just like I do proportionately to the 10 ½ inch, ¼ protein, ¼ starch, ½ vegetable, visually you feel like you have a full plate. I’m careful about what I choose for starches, not much of anything white. I would do the same with the 10 ½.

I’m not sure what the calorie count difference is because I’m not tracking calories though I have to think it’s proportionately smaller. The scale has never much been my friend though it’s ever so slowly edging in the right direction.

Simple is how I have been trying to keep this 52 Day Challenge. You can make yourself absolutely crazy by making too many radical changes all at one time only in the end to fail at all.



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  1. Posted by TNT Man on January 15, 2012 at 12:15 PM


    I hate eating at a restaurant where there is a Huge plate and a tiny – highly decorated – chunk of food in the center and swirls of gravey decorating the rest of the plate, It makes me feel cheated.

    Toughest thing to learn in an era of massive portions – portion sizes.

    You may be tring to Keep it Simple but no one will ever call you Stupid. 😉

    TNT Man


  2. If you saw me in action on occasion the term Stupid would come immidiately to mind!

    I’m with you on decorative food, I guess if you know it’s coming,

    Cold here today -5 this morning, glad it’s a scheduled off day, I’m not getting out of my chair!

    Be well.



  3. Capt’n:

    I have read a lot lately about he smaller plate….it seems to make you feel like you are eating just as much…great idea! As for the decorative plate…me too…guess they want you to feel that $40 piece of meat was really worth it….when actuality you are paying for the decorations more than the meat (my opinion).

    Keeping it simple is a great way to go…I definately am on board for the more simple the better!

    Great start to the challenge!!! Thanks for leading the way!



    • Evening BB Mom,

      I only do well here because I have exceptional examples like you and TNT as models! I’m not so sure that I am leading the way here though I do feel like I’m in a groove so far this time around.

      It’s the experience that the Decorative Plate restaurants are selling I guess, I’m too simple to appreciate the value. Same goes for a $100.00 Burger!

      The smaller plate is like I mention probably more psychological but it does seem to work. I grew up in the “clear your plate club” soooo, I’m still clearing my plate, just a smaller one. I feel satisfied.

      Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, is my vitals day we’ll see if I’m making any progress.

      Be Well,



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