Almost about nothing,….

Hey Wake Up!

I’m feeling good! The picture has nothing to do with my post tonight, I just like the picture.

I’m sitting here in the living room kicked back, watching the Biggest Loser, has nothing to do with my exercise or diet, just like the show.  It’s right at three years that mother and I became hooked on the presentations, just about the same stretch that I’ve taken my exercise seriously, go figure.

Not sure if you watch the show but the Red team just bet that they could lose 94 pounds combined between the 9 of them, for the regular watchers, that’s just plain crazy for week 2! Average 10 pounds or so a piece! Man! Now talk about a challenge! I wish em luck.

I could use to drop 20 pounds, something tells me, even as disciplined as I can be, I’d need more of a motivator than a couple penguins spanking cymbals over my head to get it done!

I wish they would bring back Jillian, I have no doubt that she could whip me in a fair fight!

“I lift Things Up and Put them Dowwwwwnnnn,…!” The commercial is a riot!


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  1. Capt’n:

    I use to watch the Biggest Loser…lost interest once Jillian left…not the same…she was something else! LOL! She would whip any of us into shape….her DVD’s are enough for me..would hate to meet face to face for a workout….I wouldn’t make it!



    • No doubt, she would put a whooping on me! I think it would be a good pain though. Mother likes the new Black guy there and he is ripped to! He does a good job. You are right though, the show is not quite the same without Jillian.



  2. Posted by TNT Man on January 11, 2012 at 9:47 AM


    I’ll catch and episode every now and then.

    Did you catch the line in Volek’s book where he commented that forcing a seriously overweight person to exercise was wrong and would have negative impact on various joints.

    Still – their struggles and weight loss are facinating.

    TNT Man


  3. I have not read all of the book yet, I read tyhe first 3 free chapters on Amazon, went ahead and purchased the book and have not returned to it yet.

    I can see where the type of exercise and the durations could be a detriment to their joints. I know they have a medical team onsite at all times. What I am most surprized about is that they have not had someone drop dead of a heart attack yet.

    Mother and I enjoy the compitition part of the show but we don’t enjoy the arguing segments like they had on last night during the elimination. That just got a little too personal, not what we watch the show for.

    It’s nice to see the transformations and also to see how well so many of them still are doing years removed from the ranch. It might be a bit overused but it is insprirational to a degree.

    Your story is quite noteable too.



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