Pickin up a few old moves,…

It's Not Me!

It’s a perfect form BOSU plank. It’s the only picture on Google that I could find that showed someone doing one.

I Like Em! Do enough reps and hold them for a long enough time and they work to beat the fat out of your midsection. I’m a believer.



Again, Not Me!


This 52DC has had me looking back to a few of my older routines and I’ve been pulling a handful of exercises that I use to perform though for some reason or another left out of newer circuits. Tomorrow’s resistance circuit includes Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats, I’ll be a little gimpy for a day or so but they will end up doing me good


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  1. Hey Capt’n,

    Lookin good! Thanks for the Bosu plank…I have one of them but don’t know a lot of moves for it! Keep it going…you are doing great!



    • Hey BB Mom! How did the vacation trip go? what was your highlight?

      I have used a BOSU Ball for a number of things including planks. It helps to add a degree of difficulty, same with push ups. You are a whole lot less likely to fall off it like you can a Swiss Ball too!

      Challenge looks to be going well for you.



      • Capt’n,

        We hand an awesome time! There were so many highlights….to me just having the kids together and enjoying time as a family!!! 7 days in Disneyworld and 1 Day in Universal…..truly was an amazing trip…my daughters bday is New Years Eve…we celebrated in Magic Kingdom…definately a trip to remember!

  2. Posted by TNT Man on January 8, 2012 at 6:37 PM

    Weighted BSS – the Devil’s entertainment.

    Did you do something wrong that you need to punish yourself. 😉

    TNT Man


    • Evening TNT, Did you dance the night away? How’s the hip?

      Naaa no real punishment just thought it was time to mix up my routines again, figured, “Now what is one of the moves I am most likely to pull a muscle with”
      Weighted BSS came to mind quickly! I’ll start out slow.

      The alternative isweighted rotaional lunges.

      Throw a few into your sets, you know deep down you love em!



      • Posted by TNT Man on January 8, 2012 at 9:02 PM


        The hip held out fine. Did a lot of fast dancing. Might as well have been in a cardio class. Never played a slow dance. Ah well.

        Rotational lunges – ouch.

        Lost a CE to crappy food – the event was basically vegetarian with a small amount of cheese and a piece of fish for dinner. My options were limited so – I ate – and said hell with it. A lost weekend for nothing. Only got one workout in. Back to the gym tomorrow.

        TNT Man

  3. It’s a long life, The real question is, “Did you have fun?’ by the sounds of all the dancing I’m guessing it’s a yes!

    The blown CE just takes the pressure off your trip to FL, you will be able to let your hair down for at least one more meal without dropping another medal position.



  4. Wow BB Mom!
    8 days in the parks, that is quite a stretch. New years eve must have been quite the occasions with Mickey and the gang, I can see where it would be hard to narrow it down to one event, though celebrating a birthday there and then must have been a hit!



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