Tackling the diet,…

Like trying to tackle a wild cat to me and then to hold it down!

As for the 52DC’s and real life here is where I kick my own arse time and time again. I know what I need to do though doing it consistently is a constant on the mind task. Seems also that the more I focus on rounding out a diet to maintain my weight inevitably I gain, frustrating as hell!

This break from work has given me a chance to read up on a couple of concept diets and evaluate not just their abilities to have me meet my targets but at the same time be a method that I can actually stick to so that it does work.

You hear so many times where someone will say, “hey, this diet or that diet does not work,…blaa, blaa, blaa,… what I hear is that “I didn’t dedicate 100% to it therefore I failed at it”.

I wish I could somehow mix the two concepts I am evaluating though I suspect that if I were to I will continue to post weight and personal vital numbers that are out of range further than they should be.

I will dial something in by Wednesday and go with it for the 52 days.

A wise friend of mine posts; ”The best diet is one you can stick to”. …….


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on January 1, 2012 at 12:42 PM


    There are really two sides to the coin. Weight Loss and Maintenance. What I have found is that many people don’t focus suffieciently (strictly) on the weight loss to get to the point where they can modify the basic program to a maintenance level. That goes for whatever program you choose.

    Yeah – I was OCD during the weight loss phase. I wanted to get the pain over as quickly as I could. Now – as I did last evening – I had a really relaxed evening – food wise. This morning – back to basics.

    That’s what works for me.

    Good Luck
    TNT Man


  2. TNT, you set as good as an example as anyone could that is why so many of us from the forum respect your opinion as much as we do. I included, pretty obvious.

    I am not bowled over to lose 20 pounds although it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    TNT Plan A would be ideal and when I stuck to it in the spring of 2010 my numbers were never better, but I struggled like a son of a gun to stick to it, haven’t had the resilience to do it since.

    Working my way through the new book and also referencing your notes, if I can’t keep myself fewer than 50g of carbs a day the diet won’t be effective. One Apple!

    Anything I do will be better than the “See Food” diet I’ve been tracking on for the last couple of months!


    • Posted by TNT Man on January 1, 2012 at 6:54 PM

      F the apple. Go for Berries & Cream. Or get to Plan B and use a banana as the carbs. So many options with a little creative thinking.

      50 carbs – only in the beginning. Some people can go higher withe no problems. All the veggies get to 25. The berries, nuts etc. take it to 50. Plan B takes it higher only on the 3 RT days.

      And – this is just until you lose the weight.

      But – as I said – You got to be able to do this or any other diet.

      Good Luck
      TNT Man


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