I’m turning into a friggin’ blimp,…

I started out this challenge at 210lbs knowing full well that I would be spending 10-12 days on the road and working through the biggest eating holiday of the year. I was ready!

Week 1 I dropped near a couple of pounds, only took another 7-8 days to put it back on. One trip out and I came back with a couple more pounds. Second trip out and I actually weighted in pretty close to even from leaving. Third trip out I came home at 207, that was last Tuesday, not bad! Then has come the ead up too and the loved holiday on the tail end.

I do love all the trappings of Thanksgiving, Mother-in-laws turkey (should have stopped there) Sister-in-laws sweet potatoes, with cheese,… the stuffing, white potatoes doctored to the max, pies and an amazing array of deserts,… this family like most can cook!

I being of very little willpower love to sample, though, when does a sample become a helping! Ahhhh the questions,…. Throw in a long lack of steady exercise,…

This morning I’m a svelte 213lbs, not a good number, if I don’t get back to the gym and curb my eating, by Christmas dinner (now did you have to mention the second most beloved dinner of my year) I will turn into a friggin’ blimp!    

Tomorrow it’s back to near normal life as I know it. A normal work day, normal controlled menu, an hour stop at the gym before heading home.

Tomorrow night I write and post early the opening post for the 52DC forum, life hopefully will settle back down into my comfortable routine.

I can’t claim success on my CE goal as much so for losing track as it’s been for eating entirely poor.  Though there is still time to make the balance of my goals. 

I’m Still Ready!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on November 27, 2011 at 12:58 PM

    I figured you had dropped off the face of the earth and were down for the count. Not our Capt’n – ready to make the end game count.

    I can’t say that I am far behind you in the overeating game. We should have made this a PG – who could gain the most weight in 52 days. ;-(

    Now – shut your mouth and head for the gym.
    TNT Man


  2. Capt’n,

    Believe me you are not alone…I am sure there are several of us who feel the same way. I have little will power too…I do try to limit it to a small taste but doesn’t always happen. Life throws us so many curves…but we get back up and continue along the way. There is something to be said for a routine….as boring as it gets….it keeps us in line.

    No worries…tomorrow is a new day…get out there and make it happen!!!! You can and will do it! I know it!



  3. Glad to hear that you both have also enjoyed the holiday. Glad also to hear that I am not alone!

    I have to figure tomorrow would come second only to new years resolutions when it comes to jumping back onto the diet wagon. Well I’m there too!

    My weight has fluxuated over the past 10 years though it’s been a while since I’ve headed too far north of 210, not going to let it get out of hand.

    When I made all these travel plans back in the summer it didn’t seem like such a bad idea!


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