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The SHORT Version,

You can eat half way decent while attending a conference where most of your choices are limited and there is a nightly open bar.

You can keep your legs from going completely numb if you make sure to put about 2 miles of walking in between seminars, sun up to sundown.

If you show up at a industry conference with an open mind looking to learn something, you will be rewarded.

Even if you are a Po-dunk from a small region of the country you can make a decent showing on a national level in your industry if you work hard and play out on the edge most of the time.

5 Days on the road, I didn’t do anything to help though in turn I didn’t do anything to destroy my current 52 day challenge.



Mother and I crept into our home Thursday evening around 7PM, just a couple hours later than expected. Tired and a little chilled, we flew out under sunny 80 degree skies and arrived home in the middle of a cold rain. Back to reality.   

We had spent the last 5 days attending the Marine Dealer Conference and Expo at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Kissimmee Florida. Spectacular facility! The place sports a large atrium with its own indoor castle, 40 foot schooner, their own crop of lazy gators, and a myriad of live fish, everywhere! I would recommend it to anyone though be warned, bring your wallet!  

The conference is the first of two stretches I will be spending away from home and away from my scheduled life this month. The next starts on the 17th and runs through the 22nd and includes 2 events.

Over the stay I was able to make reasonably decent meal choices. When I weighted in this morning I had only gained 1 pound. This was a moral victory in itself for me. I have a great respect for folks like SWF who spend most of their business life traveling and eating out. When given the opportunity I made every effort to stick to protein and vegetables. At the sit downs I was cognizant of portion sizes. Did well not over indulging on the open bar and laid off the continental breakfasts.   

One thing about a place like this though, you can bet that you will put a few miles of walking a day just getting to and from the reason that brought you there.  Mother and I walked 10 miles if we walked 1! We took the stairs as often as made sense and took every chance to burn off some of the calories we were consuming between meetings.  

Other than the walking though I did nothing for exercise.  Of all the crazy things they charged extra for the weight room was nice, plenty of free weights and cardio equipment and free! Never used it though, Stupid! Guess I figured if it wasn’t really overpriced it wasn’t for me! Walked in and looked around, just never made the time.

Mentally, it was a very sound trip. I have arrived home with a number of solid ideas that I can begin to implement right off.

Physically, I am still a bit fatigued from the 7AM to 9PM schedule the conference was set upon. The walking added up over time but it wasn’t a consistent cardio for 30 minutes at any one time.  To be fair I am going to split the CE’s.

This is the trip where my company was recognized as one of the top 100 in the recreational marine industry. We placed #65. Not bad, room for improvement though the competition is firm! During the presentations the hosts announced that there used to be near 10,000 dealers in North America, over the past 5 years that number has dropped to around 6,000. I’m good being #65.

All in all, one pound for the week, I’m good. I have a week to get some circuit exercise in before I get off kilter again. By the scoreboard, even with being a slacker and slipping Thanksgiving in I should be able to meet all of my core and personal goals for the challenge.


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  1. Capt’n:

    Congratulations all around! Sounds like a great trip…a 1 pound gain is nothing..that will be gone in no time! Being #65 is an incredible accomplishment and of course you want to improve….you are amazing!

    The weather sounds awesome…could use a little sunshine right now…lol!




  2. Posted by TNT Man on November 12, 2011 at 9:15 AM

    Glad you had a good time. You earned the right to relax and enjoy yourselves. Top 1% – can’t complain – unless you want to be #1 in the country – go for it.

    Now catch your breath and get ready for the next trip – time for fun.

    TNT Man


  3. Morning Folks, Thank you for the kind comments, I felt our placement was fair in relation to the competition, there is some room for improvement though It’s nice to see how we measured up. I’m very satisfied. Last time I placed in 2008 I came in at #98.

    There were only 2 companies in Maine and 5 in all of New England. The other Maine company, Port Harbor, has 5 locations, 3 being on the water. Their combined gross sales are in the 125-150 million range. Sales wise I am certainly not in their league though we are very good friends. The company was started and run for years by the father and is now run by his 3 sons. (No his name is not Fred McMurray!) (Wasn’t he the father in my three sons?)

    Port Harbor placed 5th and very deservedly so. The top 12 or 15 are in the same dollar range +. Most of the top 50 are Marina locations.

    Back to the gym this afternoon, I need a workout. Thursday is going to come fast.

    I’m headed over to the forum right now to post for the first time in a week.

    Be well and thanks again for the acknowledgement.



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