Need to feed the body,….

I didn’t eat well today and really felt it at the gym. Not that I ate poorly I didn’t,(well except for the bit of candy)  I just didn’t eat enough to sustain the energy I needed to push through my routine this afternoon.

Coffee with cream for breakfast as I was putting together a bowl of green beans cayenne pepper a pat of butter and a frozen chicken breast.  

I was running a bit late so instead of eggs I threw together a 30ga. or so protein shake, grabbed my case and coffee and out the door I went.  Left my packed gym bag on the bed. Mother picked up the slack for me and brought it into work. (If I have never mentioned before, she and I have worked together for a number of years, I think its been since our freshman started school.)

About 11am I went to my stash of almonds, had a handful, next thing I knew it was near 1:30, Mother was making a coffee run, ordered a medium, only put about half of it to me. 10 minutes to 4 and I finally got around to thinking I should eat the chicken before heading to the gym.

I needed to cut out early so as to get home in time to meet the Trick or Treaters.  Got sidetracked and never got to the chicken, grabbed an apple instead, Not TNT A but I do like apples.

I pulled a 45 minute workout 410 reps or so and I was spent.

You have to feed the body.

Arrived home, I’ve had a nice bowl of onion and beef soup that I made yesterday, (always better the second day) put a little Swiss cheese on top and shared it with the pooch. (did I ever mention that I am a bad dog owner)  

And,… the big and,…  since dinner I’ve had more than 1 piece of candy,.… We’re at about 40 kids so far and I have candy for 50, come on #41–50! Clean the bowl out and I’ll shut the light off.   

Not a good day with the CE’s.


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  1. Capt’n:

    Oh well…that’s what Halloween is about…the CANDY…right? You have cheats for a reason….tomorrow is a new day!!!!!

    You did get a workout in so that is a definate plus!

    You know the routine…no worries on your part!



  2. Morning BB Mom, How is your side doing? Was it a pulled muscle or a cramp of some sort? I hope you are doing well now and back to applying the pressure to SixGz.

    Yeaaaahhh, I have so little willpower when it comes to sweets, next week I am headed to a conference where a snack table will be set up in every room,…. I don’t stand a chance! I will have assistance though, Mother will keep me on the straight and narrow.
    Started today off right with a decent breakfast so hopefully I’m back on track.

    Be well. Take care of that side.


  3. Capt’n,

    Side is much better…really don’t know what it was…after 2 days it was gone…I just know I don’t care to feel that again. I had done some new exercises so maybe I hit a muscle near my ribs never used…who knows!

    As for sweets…that is my down fall….chocolate to be more specific…fruity candy forget it….most store bought baked goods…I can pass’s the homemade ones that get me.

    Good luck….take your bag of almonds, pistachio’s and other nuts…with a few chocolate chips mixed in and that should keep you away from the snack tables.



  4. Posted by TNT Man on November 1, 2011 at 10:13 AM

    Sounds like a busy day – and you did not stray all that far – so no guilt.

    No trick or treaters here. The police are keeping the kids off the streets because of the downed trees and wires. No electricity throughout the neighborhood.

    So no candy to tempt me – a sliver lining.

    TNT Man


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