Off and runnnn,…lifting

Good to get out of the gate today, I’m wicked regimented and so far this fall I have not really had a plan to follow, now I do.

First RT today: 62:43 Min. Avg. HR 121, Peak 154. In range 51:21 Min. 89ga Fat, 683 calories. 529 Reps. 

I took care to chip away at the core exercises that make up my PG 1, 5 exercises and then moved on to the electives.

While doing my second set of weighted lunges I felt that all too familiar pull on the hamstring, so instead of being a knucklehead and pushing through the reps to finish the set I pulled up and completed just the upper body portion of the of the alternating moves. Stretched while taking a good hot shower and I feel good.    

Just as I was snapping the lock shut on my locker an older guy came into the locker room looked at me and said, “You really put yourself through a workout” Not knowing exactly what to say I thanked him and told him I was just trying to keep up with my buddy TNT!  

Tomorrow or Friday? one or the other, maybe both. Saturday is out.


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  1. Of to a great start…be careful of that hamstring….great idea to switch to a different exercise! Bet you provided some motivation to that older guy!!!!!



  2. Posted by TNT Man on October 20, 2011 at 6:54 AM

    Older Guy – who you talk’n about? 😉

    Careful – pushing through is a dumb move and you are too smart for that.

    TNT Man


  3. OOOOOH! Mr. Sensitivity! 🙂

    An older guy meaning he is probably pushing 75-80 or so, not a young chap like you TNT! I hope I’m still able to do what he does when and if I make it to his age. I would have said something like that to him but i don’t know him well enough to know how he would have taken it. He might have just thumped me!

    I figured because of his age his eyesight must be poor, when he mentioned my workout I first had to look around the vicinity of the locker room to make sure he was talking to me!

    The leg is fine today.


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