Wow! Nothing for a couple months,…

Now 3 posts in 3 days! I’m on a roll!

Finally made it into the gym this afternoon, TNT tempted me with a new brought up move, Single Leg Squats.

Just prior to hearing about the exercise from TNT I had read about it in the September issue of Golf professional golfers are.  Dustin Johnson performs sets  of single leg squats deep enough so that he touches his arse on the ground,…. Not the Capt’n!

This afternoon I tried the exercise for myself, killer! I’m not sure just yet although I am feeling that they are more vulgar than Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats! Hmmm,… they are both squats.

Being my routine includes weighted step ups I already had a stepper set up with 6 risers. I balanced as well as I could on one leg, made a couple of attempts, just couldn’t get the balance right with having most of my weight on my heal. I shifted my weight a little more forward, bent my opposite leg at the knee at about a 45% angle, I know it is not the prescribed form though in this position I was able to hold my balance. I’ll work on the form.

I could drop to where my thigh is about 80% parallel to the floor. Not the best form and not near deep enough but I felt it was a good first attempt.

First set I was able to do 10 reps with each leg. Second set I could only pull off 5 with my left leg and 7 with my right.

A new move for me that I already love to hate.  Thanks TNT.

Today’s workout  53 Min. Avg Hr 120. Peak 152. 74 g fat burned, 570 cal. In range 40 minutes.  

97 Upper Body Reps. 150 Core Reps. 176 Lower Body Reps. 423 total. Only 3,177 to go!


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on September 7, 2011 at 8:49 PM

    Impressive. This is step one towards doing the pistol squats, which is basically what Johnson is doing.

    I have been focusing on these using various methods – including single leg get ups, and assisted single leg squats – assisted by holding onto something. One day – it will happen. I will have my arse hit the ground – ———— and I will be stuck in the down position. 😦

    Glad you made it to the gym
    TNT Man


  2. ” it will happen. I will have my arse hit the ground – ———— and I will be stuck in the down position.”

    Will someone be there to take the proud picture! LOL



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