A Good Summers Walk,….

Friday morning I tied my golf shoes and walked up to the Spring Brook clubhouse figuring I was meeting with Ed Balboni, the teaching pro, for a half hour lesson. Being that both of our schedules get a little screwy I generally call on Thursday afternoon to confirm. I had not done so this time around though should have. Ed was off to the county playing in a Pro-Am.

“Oh well”, I say’s to myself, plenty of work at the store to do I’ll just head in,….that was just prior to walking by the first tee box and looking down the fairway,…the fog was just beginning to rise and the sun was taking over,… a hesitation,… there was no other golfer in sight,… a look in the direction of the parking lot,… a look back toward the clubhouse,… another look down the first hole,… reached in my pocket pulled out a twenty, paid the green fees for nine and spent the next hour and a half enjoying one of the best walks of my summer.

Spectacular morning,….


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  1. Capt’n:

    You were already there so why not enjoy!!!! Sounds like the perfect morning….the work at the store will always be there…right?

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!



  2. Right on all accounts BB Mom. Too nice a morning to pass up a loop.

    I hope your summer has been as enjoyable as mine. How many miles have you logged on your bike?



    • Thanks Capt’n….my summer has been an awesome one….ended about a month ago when kids returned to school…but another trip to AZ for baseball planned in 3 weeks…as for miles logged biking…NOT ENOUGH! Ugh! Never get a chance at night to get out..daughter plays volleyball for school so games 2 nights a week….trying hard tho’..think I am at 75 for this challenge…way behind!

      Enjoy everyday…you deserve it!



      • I was wondering if your son had started this year at AZ. That must be exciting to see him take part in such a strong program. We’ll be watching him pitch in a series some day.

        Vollyball is a terrific sport, I was part of a group of late 30 somethings at the time that joined a Y leage playing against mostly 20 somethings, we got smoked regularly though we always enjoyed ourselves. It is a great sport for a competitor.

        If you set out now to ride your bike to AZ you could knock out two birds with one stone!


  3. Posted by TNT Man on September 5, 2011 at 6:33 PM

    Way to go – never miss a chance to stop and smell the flowers – or – at least – swing the club.


  4. I would play more although work keeps getting in the way!

    TNT, I read your last few blogs today, I hope you were finally able to get your cellar pumped out and your pool back to clean and a normal level. Might be just in time for the next one!

    Looks like it could be an active fall for the East Coast.



    • Posted by TNT Man on September 5, 2011 at 8:10 PM

      The pool was the easiest part – just time consuming. The Basement – it destroyed my boiler – pain. Huge fans down there blowing it dry and tomorrow the guy sprays stuff to stop mold growth. More pain. I am now investigating alternatives to keep the place dry – but if we have “days of rain” nothing but bad is going to happen. This is the first season in 20 or more years.

      Otherwise – a great summer.


      • That does not sound like any fun at all, especially the potential for the mold issues that could appear. Good that there is a treatment for it that can be lived with. If it does manifest, are mushrooms TNT approved?

        The boiler I would hope is covered by insurance.

        This is beyond just keeping the windows open. it looks as though the next one heading this way is going east before landfall. Good for all of us.

        Good luck for a full clean up.


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