The challenge – acomplished,…

Even in defeat this has easily been my most accomplished challenge.  Where I had my arse kicked by a 1 eyed, 15 years my senior, disciplined workout guru, I feel real good about what I did and probably more important what I learned.

My friend TNT Man took it to me down the stretch. Early on he had a pretty serious eye issue that put him on the DL for a week or so, gotta figure it had to drive him nuts having to hold back although I knew once healed and released he would be firing on all cylinders never to slow down. Done and Done!

In the end we both met the insane 25,000 rep goal TNT pushed on with a minimum of prodding by yours truly the Man hit 31,000 reps Now that is accomplishment.

Here is a quick personal recap for this Spring 2011 Challenge:

Point; I finished this challenge with 26,799 reps in 43 hours, 49 minutes.  

Starting out with approximately 60 minutes circuits, 675-750 reps, averaging a heart rate of 129 bpm.  

Finishing with workouts of 100+ minutes, around 12-1400 reps, averaging a heart rate of 115 bpm.

Where I have found that the duration of my circuits and the rep count are too extreme my heart is certainly more conditioned.

Point; I have gained 3 pounds. In turn, I have near eliminated my “love handles” and the ugly fat on the inside of my thighs and under my biceps. I still have a ways to go with my belly fat though it’s bags are out and it’s packing to travel.

Point: With 9512 core reps performed, my oblique’s are becoming much more defined, I am sure that I can attribute this to the 25lb plate/2600 sit ups and 25lb/2500 core stabilizers, and the 1600+ 25/35/45 lb weighted Swiss Ball crunches.  

Point: The 8682 lower body reps will influence my golf game this summer by helping with my endurance, I always walk and carry my bag, as well as adding distance to the right clubs. It all starts with a solid foundation and drive through the legs.  

Point: the 8605 Upper body reps have actually garnered some resemblance of a set of noticeable pec’s. My back and shoulders are showing improvement and virtually all of the fat has been driven from my forearms and biceps.  

As a summary: I have made great strides in the all around physical condition of my body through this challenge. By pushing as I did I have been able to identify a couple perimeters that I will have to respect going forward. This post is long enough so I will whine about those things later if at all.

I’m glad to see it warming up, now let’s see if I can get my monies worth from my golf membership.

TNT, we can go at it again in the fall,,,,……..You going to be game for BB Mom’s suggested 100,000 Rep Challenge or something equally insane?

I’ll be ready for the June 1st start of the summer challenge although it will not resemble anything remotly like this monster challenge!


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  1. Captn:

    Once again congratulations….not only on what you accomplished but for being such a leader!!!!! I know you enjoyed that Insane challenge so much…whom better to be a competitor than TNT Man…you two are awesome!

    See you next round!



    • I don’t know about being much of a leader on the forum though thank you for the mention. I will say that I do enjoy being part of the group. Folks like you and TNT and others keep me motivated.

      I was happy just to stay close!

      Enjoy the break, this next challenge must be a big one for biking miles. My money is on you.



  2. Posted by TNT Man on May 8, 2011 at 7:28 PM

    No question – you are the MAN. Your circuits are way more difficult than mine and the intensity of your workouts are at a higher leve. You beat me to the 25000 mark and pushed us both past it. You would have hit the 30+ mark if you had not been totally insane with a 1600 rep workout – one that I could never have done.

    My ace in the hole – a vacation where I could workout every day without looking at the clock – and you always in the background pushing me over the edge.

    Glad that you see significant body re-composition going on – that is what it is all about. Now the test is your golf game. I suspect that when you hit the ball – you may end up landing it on a green too far – so pull back a bit.

    Going to be interesting to see what insanity pops into your mind while swinging your golf club.

    Take Care.
    TNT Man


    • You never know where the mind will go when you are out in the middle of the green expanse and you let the mind out to run free!

      I had a pretty good go and it was about time that I found the edge, now I can work within the boundaries and still squeeze out a solid workout. With good planning a monster 52DC too.

      The 1600 rattled the ticker a little although it didn’t knock me completely off kilter as much as spending the last few days with Liz did. I knew I should be at the gym but my heart was not into it. I owed it to being with her.

      Don’t get too lazy it will be June first before we know it. I’m thinking an easy 12-15,000 just to stay in shape with a dozen rounds of golf or so for a CT goal.

      Hey, thank you for the kind comments. Like you said early on, we workout very different. I know you were working as hard to accomplish what you did as I worked for what I completed. It was a good challenge for both of us.



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