Spring 52DC Numbers to date,….

This took a little longer to compile than I thought it would, this is where I stand with the 25,000 rep challenge to date including my numbers through 4/11/11.

My Goals
CE: 49/54/90
RT: 14/20
CT: 5/10

PG1: Insane 15,000 * Adjusted/14,079/25000
(I will update individual numbers once a week)
PG2:Upper Body Reps: 4825/8500
PG3:Core Reps: 4822/8500
PG4:Lower Body Reps: 4432/8500
(2150 Reps Week 1)
(3705 Reps Week 2)
(3624 Reps Week 3)(4433 Reps Week 4) (1 day to go)

Rep Breakdown;

52 DC Spring Challenge Rep Count           
Upper Body            
Push Ups 515   BW/515      
Bosu Ball Push Ups 635   BW/635      
SB Decline Push Ups 375   BW/375      
Swiss Ball Push Ups 135   BW/135      
Elevated Chair Dips 260   BW/260      
DB Curl & OH Press 884   2×20/248 2×25/396 2×30/240  
Shrugs 320   30/100 40/100 45/20 50/100
Chest Flys 285   2×20/75 2×25/135 2×30/75  
Lat Raises 205   2×8/70 2×10/70 2×12/65  
Cable Seated Rows 180   90/60 100/60 110/60  
Cross Hand Lat Pulls 193   80/63 90/63 100/63  
Cable Face Pulls 195   85/75 95/60 105/60  
DB Pull Overs 200   20/20 25/60 30/60 35/60
DB Bench Press 110   2×20/40 2×25/35 2×30/35  
Cable Pull Downs 125   60/35 70/55 80/35  
Cable Curls 65   60/15 70/35 80/15  
Snow Removal 143   143      
Swiss Ball Crunches 100   BW/100      
Jumping Jacks 495   BW/495      
Swiss Ball Lat Rolls 156   BW/156      
Decline Sit Ups 200   BW/200      
Weighted Sit Ups 1200   25/1200      
Core Stablizers 1300   25/1300      
DB Row w/Rotation 224   2×20/76 2×25/76 2×30/72  
SB Weighted Crunches 700   25/400 35/200 45/100  
Hip Extentions 165   25/165      
DB Standing Oblique 140   30/20 35/40 40/40 45/40
Snow Removal 142   142      
Lower Body            
BW Squats 510   BW/510      
Bulgarian Split Squats 192   2×10/64 2×15/64 2×20/64  
Machine Leg Press 840   180/280 270/280 360/280  
Machine Calf Press 840   180/280 270/280 360/280  
Sumo Squats 515   20/80 30/165 40/165 50/145
DB Dead lifts 420   2×20/95 2×25/230 2×30/75 2×35/20
DB Lunges 288   2×10/96 2×15/96 2×20/96  
KB Squat OH Press 160   15/20 25/120 30/20  
Box Jumps 105   BW/105      
Step Ups 420   25/140 35/140 45/140  
Snow Removal 142   142      
Upper 4825          
Core 4822          
Lower 4432          
Total 14079          

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on April 11, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    Very impressive. You have one hell of a varied and interesting workout. You are now 1,974 reps ahead of me. There is no way I am going to ever catch up let alone pass you. But that’s alright. No shame in being beaten by a top performer.

    I listed my totals on todays daily totals – which I just posted. I do not break out the HIAH Get Lean workout which is referenced on my Blog. I just note the total for each of the three workouts which are done 3 x a week.

    Keep up the great work.
    TNT Man


    • I thought pulling off a couple 3600’s inside a week was a feat enough! With a workout tomorrow I could post more than 5000 reps inside 7 days and lose ground by 1000 or better!

      Without your injury you would be so far ahead in this challenge I wouldn’t be able to see your taillights!

      I get bored easily, hence the variety of exercises.

      I certainly would not have accumulated this number of reps had you not been kicking my arse the whole way.



  2. Capt’n,

    WOW! You have this all figured out!!!! Maybe it isn’t as insane as you thought…right! LOL!

    You wore me out just reading all the reps. you have done!
    Great job….!




  3. What started out as a few 1 hour 650 rep circuits has grown a bit! When you have TNT booting you along you get motivated or get plowed under!

    My regular circuits have grown to 100-110 minute 1000+ rep circuits. Now that I have been doing it for a while I’m not satisfied with the routine if I don’t.

    You should try it next time around. Start out easy 18,000-20,000 reps and work your way up!

    It will be a miracle if I hit 25,000. Insane,..TNT named it right.

    Hey, did you get my post congratulating you and your Son on his big news. ASU, very nice, won’t be many years he will be playing on MLB Opening Day somewhere. I am sure you are very proud of him. We are too.

    Thank you by the way for all the support.

    Be Well,



  4. Hey Capt’n,

    Yes I did get your congratulations on my son! Sorry, life has been crazy…a little more than normal for some reason at my house! It is very exciting….now he can enjoy the rest of his Jr. year and then his Sr. year without being stressed by the coaches. I can only hope someday he will be playing in the MLB…his dream since age 4…so good to see him keeping it alive….when you love something as much as he loves baseball I guess you keep working hard. Can you imagine being able to play the sport you love for a living????

    I am very proud of him and really appreciate all your kind words.

    Thank you for all your support!

    Now go get ’em!



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