Today’s exercise I love to hate,…

Lat Raises.

Now how would you figure a pair of 12 ½ lb weights could kick your arse like they do mine? Can’t answer it! Sure does the job though!

I pair Lat raises with weighted Lunges, another exercise I’m not wild about but I see and feel the importance of. I see guys and gals doing arm extensions (what looks to be a similar move but is not) in a number of ways generally with their palms facing in toward their hips if they are extending their arms out or palm strait back if they are flying strait out. Various weights, generally on the low end of the spectrum, similar to what I use, and they seem to have little trouble performing 10 or 12 reps at a time.

Now,change it up a bit by turning your palms to face forward, fly your arms strait out to horizontal, keeping your arms strait, try not to bend your elbows, hold it at the top for a 3 count, do 20 reps per set and the exercise takes on a whole different intensity.

I do 3 sets; 2×8/20 –2x 10/20 – 2×12.5,/20, alternating sets with weighted lunges 2×10/20 – 2×15/20 – 2×20/20. These sets come right near the tail end of my circuit. By the time I get to rep #15 my lefts arm is struggling! My last 5 reps are rarely clean.

Sunday April 3rd routine. #2 Circuit, 124 Min, 112 Avg Hr. 144 Peak. 152g Fat Burned, 1174 cal. 64 minutes in range. 

Threw in 165 extra weighted reps, Weighted Sit Ups,

Weighted Core Stabilizers, Few extra Hip Extensions (more on this one in a later post)

Pull Overs 25/20 – 30/20 – 35/20

Single arm Squat Curl OH Press 25/20 – 30/20

930 Reps. Felt pretty good. Sunday workout, had issues keeping my heart rate up.

On with the challenge.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on April 3, 2011 at 9:05 PM

    930 Reps – you are killing me.

    This is intentional – Aye – Might as well give me the name of your Cardiologist now – I am going to need him by the end of this Challenge.

    TNT Man


  2. Dr. David Frost, 207-430-4321. You should be able to find someone a little closer to you though!

    The base #2 Circuit has become 765 reps but while I am waiting for a DB or workout area I mix in a few additional reps. I shoot for 900 reps on average every other day. Mix a few inbetween just to keep up with you!



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