Partially insane,…..

There is at least one exercise in each of my circuits that I really hate. Don’t look forward to, and when it comes time I look to the sky and say, “Rob, you are an idiot!”

In circuit #1 it’s Bulgarian Split Squats.

Now who in their right mind with out being challenged, dared or is partially insane does Bulgarian Split Squats? Me, and they are helping to turn my quads rock hard! I love to hate them.

Footnote; I did 3 sets of box jumps this afternoon. Front part of my workout, great way to get the heart rate up and going fast. 3/31/11; 149 Min, 122 Avg. 148 Peak, 146g Fat Burned, 1126Cal, 84 Min in range. 983 Reps


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  1. You go Capt’n! There are plenty of exercises I love to hate….those are usually the ones that are the most beneficial! I believe you are more than Partially Insane…you have been hanging around TNT man way too long! 🙂

    Great job!!



  2. Thanks BB Mom, People in the gym look at me like I’m a nut or something! There is only one other person, a gal maybe 10 years younger than me who does BSS’s. I think she is crazy too!

    She also does elevated chair dips with a 20 or 25lb dumb bell sandwiched between her thighs. Now that is insane. I really should try it sometime!

    Be well. OH By the way,…85 Today! Wow! I still have a foot of snow on my lawn and we are forecast a foot of wet heavy stuff tomorrow! No relief! At this rate we are expecting Spring to show up in July.

    I think the Capy’n & mother are headed South & West once the nest empties.


    • Posted by TNT Man on April 1, 2011 at 10:28 AM

      I would like to put a stake through the heart of the Bulgarian who came up with that one. Hate them without and ounce of love.

      Box Jumps – when I was working with a Personal Trainer. He had me do that – once – sent a shock up through my back – I looked at him and said – never again.

      Once you have been laid up with a bad back or Sciatica – you become cautious. I do the dead lifts because they are slow and focused – rather than fast and jolting.

      Our Snow Storm – which I was praying for – never happened – just a cold rain event with some snow flakes mixed in.

      It is always enjoyable when others at the gym look at you and are surprised that “you” are doing what you are. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

      TNT Man


  3. I could see where the box jumps could agitate a back issue.

    About a week’s episode ago on the Biggest Loser I watched where Jillian was pumping one of the gals to do the move.

    When I walked in the gym to the area where I start my workout there was a step set up with 5 risers, I warmed up kept looking at it, I use the setup from time to time doing Step Ups.

    Well, this time I decided to try the box jumps. I hadn’t tried anything like it since high school football. I kept thinking that if I missed I would fall on my beak and look pretty foolish. It doesn’t take many to get the heart rate going I’ll tell you that.

    I don’t figure they will become regulars for me but once in a while, yeah, why not.


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