Heart is getting better conditioned,….

I hope that’s what it is.

My watch seemed a little off at times today, I would look down after a set and it seemed low but in manually checking it seemed to add up right. My pace was the same, I used the same weights, even though, my spec’s were different today.

Sunday 3/27, Spec’s; #2 Circuit, 106 Min. 70 Min Hr. 114 Avg. 140 Peak. 134g Fat Burned, 1037 Cal Burned, 65 Min in range, 40 Min below 110 Hr. 928 Reps.

I’m currently at 4729 of 15,000 reps. To perform a full 3600 in 7 days I will have to do 1021 reps between Monday & Tuesday. I am scheduled to be off tomorrow, then do #3 circuit on Tuesday.

When I started out performing the 3 circuits two weeks before this current 52 DC started I hit a 145 – 150 –155 heart rate easily and had issues completing the final reps of the third sets with the weights designated.

Couple variables: This is a Sunday workout, no pressure to be anywhere, no hurry. During the week by the time I get to the gym I have usually been cranking away at the day and my strength has already been tapped to a degree. Working the last reps each set is taxing. Heart rate can bump 150.

Not today, today, even with more reps I never saw where I hit the 140. I had started out documenting where I stood at the end of each set, 130 – 138 near the end was it. When I threw in a bonus 3 sets of a kettle bell snatch and overhead press, still only saw 138. Felt like 138.   

April 5th I meet with my cardiologist, at that time I am going to ask about increasing my weight threshold, I feel like I can move up some, we’ll see what the big guy says.


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  1. Capt’n,

    The insane 15,000 is no challenge for you! I know it!!! I agree..being able to do a workout without the pressures of having to be somewhere or having worked all day is so much better…too bad life can’t just be spent working out! LOL!

    You are doing awesome!!!

    Good luck with cardiologist!



    • YES! YES! If all of life could be like a Sunday workout, I’d get in that line.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. I’m trying to stick to plan and it seems to be working. Sounds like you are too. Did you get your Jillian workout in yesterday?

      12 degrees here this morning, I envy your abulity to get out and have a ride.

      Be well.


  2. Posted by TNT Man on March 28, 2011 at 7:32 AM

    Way to Go! Great workout – glad that it is working for you.

    I went back to the Gym this morning – did a relatively light workout – waiting for the eyeball to pop out and roll on the floor. 😦

    Keep up the great work
    TNT Man


    • We’ll have no eyeballs pop out today young man!

      How did the workout feel, everything go alright? You realise that I was hoping to get to 10,000 before you were back in the saddle so to speak! Thanks for the head start by the way!

      Take it slow, mind yor body. I need at least another 3000-4000 reps to keep a cushion!



      • Oh, By the way,…If your eyeball does fall out and it rolls under a machine or something, get the sweeper, they should be able to help you snag it and pop it back in!

      • Posted by TNT Man on March 28, 2011 at 3:30 PM

        LOL –

        Just to add to the fact that (1) I had a 10 time off, and (2) I have my daughter and family coming in from April 15-24th with big family events on the 18th and 19th – we just booked ourselves to go down to Florida from the 25th to May 4th.

        You have no worry about me even coming close to catching up to you are making the 15000 – :sigh:

        TNT Man

      • Posted by TNT Man on March 28, 2011 at 3:31 PM

        That’s 10 days – in case you couldn’t guess.

  3. No rest for the wicked brother! I’ll award you a pass this time around but we will revist this in the fall.

    My progress so far is worth the push. My weight is coming down, and today when I did a light circuit of 425 reps I still had trouble keeping my hr above 140 for any period of time. Even pushing I only averaged a 119 hr.

    I’m hoping that when I walk into my cardio’s office he asks what the heck I’ve been up to? I’ll be bringing documentation.


    Hey this NTDA is a real quack.


  4. You Bet! And every uphill step!

    Being that a putt generally is not a full fledged swing, could I count each as one? Just asking for a ruling here!


  5. Oh, and by the way,…The way i play it probably won’t take and entire 52 days to get to 15,000!


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