Nice day off,….

I’ve been going for 16 or 17 days straight until today, finally took a down day. Slept to 9 AM, can’t remember the last time I did. I had sworn yesterday that I would strictly be doing personal stuff, turn off the cell phone, no business email, no contact with the store,….yeah right!

What I do is my passion, I love it. When you own a small business you have no days off, inside, you don’t really want one.

Along with all the followup and advertising work I managed a workout. Lucky FF is smoking me on the reps. came in 5 ahead of me for the first week. Well….now without straddling a boat show that had me working half days + (7am – 9pm) I can now concentrate my time on slaying the dragon.

Here are the spec’s for today.

#3 Circuit  3/23/11, Manchester Gym.         
  Warm up            
  Warm up, Walk, High Knees, Spread, Shoulder Rotations    
a Jumping Jacks 30       C 30
b BW Squats 20       LB 20
c Bosu Ball Push Ups 30       UB 30
1A Weighted Sit Ups 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 C 100
1B Core Stablizers 25/25 25/25 25/25 25/25 C 100
2A Seated Cable Rows 90/15 100/15 110/15   UB 45
2B Sumo Dead Lifts 30/20 40/20 50/20   LB 60
3A Decline SB Push Ups BW/25 BW/25 BW/25   UB 75
3B Swiss Ball Crunches 25/20 35/20 45/20   C 60
4A Cross Hand Lat Pulls 80/20 90/16 100/16   UB 52
4B Swiss Ball Lat Rolls BW/20 BW/20 BW/20   C 60
5A Machine Leg Press 180/20 270/20 360/20   LB 60
5B Machine Calf Press 180/20 270/20 360/20   LB 60
5C DB Curl & OH Press 2×20/20 2×25/20 2×30/16   UB 56
  Bonus Sets            
6A Step Ups 25/20 35/20 45/20   LB 60
6B Swiss Ball Push Ups BW/15 BW/15 BW/15   UB 45
  1:46.55 Workout Time         UB 303
  89 Min HR, 122 Avg, 152 peak.        C 338
  15:29 Below Range, 131:10 In Range, .09 Above   LB 260
  156 G fat burned, 1201 Calories       Reps 901


TNT is going to be chasing me hard once he comes off injured reserve.  He’s already mentioned that the light in my rear view mirror is he gaining on me. I would like that light to be as small as it can be before he gets back.

This circuit wore me out. I was taxed when I walked back into the locker room to shower. To some it might be slim, not enough weight, well, to me it’s on the money. I’m working sort of with in my doc’s request and I’m plenty used up when done. Mother is not the only one noticing the body changes although she is the only one who sees me with my cloths off.  

Today I weighed on the gym scale post workout 204. a week ago I rung up 210. Curious as to what it will be in the morning.

Schedule for the week is Friday, Sunday and Tuesday to pull a full circuit + bonus reps. I’d like to hit 800-850 reps per full circuit. In the between I’m going to do a minimum of 100 push ups on my off days.

I don’t intend to be #2 next Wednesday.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 23, 2011 at 8:07 PM

    Nice workout – yeah – I am jealous.

    Looks like you are going to break the 200 barrier by the end of this Challenge – if not before.

    I’ll Be Back

    TNT Man


  2. I’ll be happy to get to 15000, any more will be a bonus.

    one week I am going to shoot for a 3600 in 7 days. That’s just a private goal. I’ll tell you in the morning how creaky my bones are after a 900 rep circuit.

    Be well.



  3. It’s hard to leave the world of technology behind and enjoy yourself…it is hard but we all need to do it! I hope you enjoyed your day! You need to give yourself a rest and your body too! You are rocking the 15000!




  4. Thanks BB Mom, I’m really enjoying the 15000, If TNT had not have prodded me I would be doing something quite less with results that will be quite less too. This is working.

    Day off or not I am always on, the life of a businessman I guess. The potential for failure are as strong as they have ever been in this market so you don’t shut down too long. Part of a day felt pretty good though.

    Be Well, Keep Rocking your own goals.



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