The evening before,…

This is going to be the breakout challenge, I feel it. TNT, you have me refocused on my training schedule, can’t thank you enough.

Until this weekend I had been 100% every other day at the gym turning 550 – 650 of not screwing around reps a routine. It’s been working for me. I have places growing and places shrinking, the right places. I never get tired of Mothers mentions.

More than anything though, (other then kicking TNT’s arse) I want to walk into my cardiologist’s office in mid April as healthy as any valve replacement patient he has ever worked on. We’re coming up on three years and I just feel like I continue to get stronger and stronger.  Without I have the stripe on my chest you would never be able to tell I had ever had cosmetic surgery.

This first week is going to be a little screwy. I am displaying at my second boat show in as many weeks. Because of the boat show schedule a few of my initial workouts are going to be home circuits before leaving to head an hour south.

The plan is to use my 25lb DB’s, decline bench, Swiss ball. With this equipment I can do alternating sets of Decline push ups, weighted decline sit ups, decline weighted core stabilizers, chest flys, DB squats, sumo squats and curl overhead presses. I can do 3 sets of 15 reps each equaling 315 weighted reps per circuit.

Tomorrow I will be performing a full #1 circuit on my way home from work. I especially like the afternoons. Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday will be AM home circuits. Monday will be an off day, Tuesday I will perform a full #2 circuit. If I am successful I should be able to post 2300-2400 reps.

Week #2 I will be able to get into a normal routine.

Let the game begin! Good Luck All, Work Hard.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 15, 2011 at 9:13 PM

    Wait a minute – at that rate – you are heading for 17,000 – no way you are getting ahead of me. This is WAR. No execuses – boat show – probably just a made up story.

    The gloves are coming off – the swiss ball is coming up from the basement and the “perfect pushup” thing-a-ma-jigs are coming down from the shelf.

    The race has begun.
    TNT Man


  2. This weekend we are displaying on the ice at the Cumberland County Civic Center, we’re bringing the ice fishing gear, stools, bum barrel, skimmer, rubber fish and all!

    The sight of 3 knuckleheads mock ice fishing a hockey rink will pale in comparison to the screwball challenging folks to Reps of Swiss ball pushups!

    We might even sell a boat or two if we’re not careful!

    Game on Brother!


  3. LOL! You two are toooooo much! Sounds like you are ready for the challenge! Have fun…sell a boat and get on with the reps….I’m sure you could take your dumbbells to the show and do a few reps. here and there…maybe drop to the floor for some pushups….lunges across the floor….:)



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