It can be done,….

I just don’t know if I have enough sack to do it though!

My appreciation to TNT for getting me hyped on attempting this challenge. You are the master at motivation. I had been getting a little inconsistent at the gym, busy with other goals although bored to a degree. Your invitation was just what I have needed to spur my interest again.  

This insane 15000 is really going to be a load though with all things figured, I might just be able to pull this off. Now hang on because this post could be my longest.

This week I pulled my circuits together and balanced them out so that by the end of a 3 circuit rotation I would have completed a reasonably equal amount of three target area reps. Upper Body, lower body and core. To be successful I will have to perform a minimum of 24 full circuits.

 This week I went ahead and performed each of the circuits to see what the next day brought. It turned out very well. I didn’t get to complete a full 4th routine yesterday because the gym closed at 2 but I did get a good half in. I performed 2215 reps. 80% are weighted.  I’ve eaten better and I have been sleeping more soundly.  I feel good.

There are going to be a couple periods throughout the 52 days where I will be involved in 14 hour days at boats shows. I will have to manage my time well. Because of this on certain days I will resort to working with my home equipment. You can do push-ups anywhere, I will be using my Swiss Ball, 25 lb dumbbells and decline bench in combination to keep my numbers in line.

Hey, if to attempt this at this time of year it is going to infringe on my responsibilities at my business, (boat shows- open houses) or degrade my health, it has to be a no. Turns out that if I pay attention to feeding my body right and logging a reasonably normal amount of sleep and following a livable schedule I will be able to meet the goal, plus.

The 3 circuits I will use are listed in their own posts below this one.  As you will see most are weighted reps. I have taken the liberty of classifying the jumping jacks as a core exercise. Where it really is a combined, I needed the balance.  The rest of the reps are very specific for the count.

My daily responsibilities can build this time of year and some days tax me more than others. Because of this, at points during the challenge I may elect to increase or decrease weights depending upon my energy level at the time, though I still want the majority of my reps to be weighted.

During the inspection interview for the 5 Star program, the inspector looked at me and asked something to the effect, “What do you really expect to get out of this certification?”

Direct, are you looking just to hang the logo or is there going to be a deeper commitment to improvement? Good question. I knew that had I not been able to state clear example of the programs guidelines in our use in ways that would benefit both our customers and my company his trip was for not.  

I am as committed to using the 5 star templates to improve my business practices as I am in using this 15000 to improve my health.

The goal will be to mop the gym floor with my opponent, if I happen to end up the mop, which is likely, I’m going to be in the best shape any mop has ever been!

Whether I am able to keep pace with TNT (and any others who choose to join in) or not, This should be fun.

Prior to the challenge I will post my goals. Golf is going to get into the mix at some point…..could add another dimension! Ahhhh…I am going to need to post a few CT’s  too…soooo!


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 6, 2011 at 10:36 AM

    Oh Man – I am in trouble. You have given more thought to this than I have. Way more thought – and that means – I have to get serious.

    My biggest problem – my daughter and her family are coming in for close to 10 days – which will include – two BIG extended family dinners – and multiple other obligations.

    Looks like I am going to have to let my hair grow long enough to be used as a Mop.

    Looks like the Swiss Ball is going to be coming up from the basement and cleaned up.

    Let the Fun Begin.

    TNT Man


    • Yeah,…Yeah,…Yeah! Let you hair grow out! LOL
      It’s my bet that you had this thought out way before you even mentioned it! Then you went looking for a sucker to step up! 

      I KNEW I was in trouble the second after I agreed to this crazyness!

      This is the first challenge where I have had to put together specific circuits and a strict schedule to meet my goals. It doesn’t look so bad on paper EH?

      Now in actuality, each circuit is about 85 minutes! I’m going to be needing some serious discipline!

      Something tell me TNT that you will be able to live it up with your family and that the length of your hair will not come into play!



  2. Captn,

    WOW! WOW! WOW! My muscles hurt just reading this….you guys are insane! I can’t wait to watch those numbers rise….you will make it happen! You too are crazy enough to make everyone jealous…good luck, I know it will be fun! 🙂



  3. Jealous would be OK, Survival would be better!

    When I started running the numbers and then completing the adjusted circuits, that’s when the crazy of this thing settled in!

    The only thing I am thankful of is that you have not thrown your hat into the ring. I have no doubt that if you did you would smoke the both of us!

    TNT has named it right.

    I’m going to do it as a triple 5000+
    5000+ Lower Body, 5000+ Core, 5000+ Upper Body.
    Should be painful!



  4. Posted by TNT Man on March 6, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    Right you are Capt – we will be lucky if BBM sits on the sidelines – otherwise she will show up the both of us.

    BTW – can I count each step on the treadmill?

    TNT Man


  5. “BTW – can I count each step on the treadmill?”

    Will you be wearing at least 10lb ankle weights?


  6. Posted by olalladave on March 7, 2011 at 10:13 PM

    It is going to be great to watch you guys rip into this challenge.
    I saw this and it reminded me of the show Wipeout- Big balls!!!


    • Dave, Great to see you back on the forum I trust everything is working out well with your health/ Remember last year when we pushed each other to get to 10-,000? I never would have worked so hard to do that had it not been for you. very glad to see you back.


  7. You two are full of laughs! I wouldn’t be around for any future challenges if I joined in this crazy challenge! You two are the best for this and I will definately be cheering you on! Really! 🙂
    Just think how great you will look and feel at the end…lol!


  8. Being that I am starting out as a fairly handsome man!…..LOL!


  9. Posted by TNT Man on March 8, 2011 at 10:29 PM

    What you are going to look and feel like at the end – probably like the bottom of one of your Newbie owned boats that ran ashore.


    TNT Man


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