I lost my wedding ring,….

Still have the wife though!

Worst part is I have no idea when or where my ring came off.

Over the course of the winter I have been fighting with getting my weight down. My numbers have been decent every Tuesday, I have been eating well, exercising reasonably regular, enough to compete in the 52DC’s. Between shoveling snow and clearing my roof every three days this winter I may be in the best shape since I was a teenager.

A couple of weeks ago I went into Afib for 2 – 21/2 days and the after effects left my chest sore and my mind a bit frazzled over it. It gets you thinking as to what the long term situation could be if it decides to make more frequent appearances.

Instead of diving into the gym I took to putting an extra hundred hours or so into completing my Professional goal #2. I stayed out of the gym first because of the soreness and second, I had a slight fear that I may trigger another event, not sure why I even considered that but,….

Over the course of the two weeks absent I lost near 7 lbs even after the heart rate went back to normal. My diet was good but not as disciplined. My ring had become increasingly loose, falling off on a few occasions during this winter. Once at the gym it came out from under my glove and dropped at my feet. Picked it up, put it back on, should have given it more thought right than.

Anyway, you wouldn’t think you would lose so much weight when not working out. It finally dawned on me that I wasn’t losing fat, I’ve been losing muscle, enough muscle on my left ring finger apparently to have my ring take leave.

Not sure, when, or where it came loose. I have looked in what I think are all the obvious places over the last few days with no luck. Retraced my stops, gym, stores, office, etc, no luck.

Karma; I have reached one of the highest pinnacles of my career this week and in turn, I have lost one of the most precious things I own in the same term.  

What I am confident of is it will turn up at some point. Maybe back to me or maybe to some other sole that it was meant to be with.

If someone else does find the ring I have worn for near 21 years I expect it will bring him or her as much a sole mate as it has brought me. 

 I still have the Wife!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Captn,

    Oh no! I know it will turn up…or as you say maybe some other sole it was meant to be will have it! Thank goodness you still have the wife….lol! That is the most important thing.

    You have accomplished so much. Your business has reached new levels and hopefully your heart will stay in tune…my husbands Aunt had the same problem with her heart, keeps slipping out..she is way over weight and refuses to do anything….

    Enjoy this rest period…hopefully your ring will appear once the snow has melted!



  2. Posted by TNT Man on February 27, 2011 at 1:49 PM

    LOL. Many years ago, when I was still doing my own landscaping and house repairs, I had been working out side. Similar to you, I had lost a pretty good amount of weight and the wedding ring was loose. At the end of one particularly long day, I packed up all the tools and tarps. Only later did I realized the ring was gone.

    Fast forward some 5-10 years – I was cleaning out the garage and unfolded one of those tarps – the ring fell out and rolled across the floor.

    I have two watches and 2 rings to bring into the jeweler to get fitted. My present wedding ring, can now be removed from my hand and is no longer cutting off the circulation to that finger.

    Yours will come rolling around again – when you least expect it.

    TNT Man


  3. Thanks for the notes guys, Mother has not tossed me yet for the loss. I’ve heard it all now too,…left it on the headboard of the (non existent) girlfriend is the most mentioned.

    I agree TNT, I feel in my heart that one day, no matter how long in the future, it will show up.

    We had the rings custom made by a local Jeweler whom has since retired. Although, I know David pretty well, I have purchased a number of items from his collection over the years for both my wife and daughter. He lives in the area.

    If my ring does not show up after the snow leaves I think I will try to contact him and lure him out of retirement for a day or two.

    BB Mom, I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of folks I know who know they have issues and refuse to do anything about it that requires exercise or diet changes,…Give me a pill,…give me a operation. Neither will provide a true fix.

    Thanks for the notes. I guess I should have posted I still have the wife,..for now,..It gets touch and go around here some days! She’s a Saint tolerating a devil!


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