Passing Muster,….

It’s past time to getting back on the horse, I can’t remember having this long a stretch from the gym without it interfering with a round of golf! Tomorrow I am going to make every effort to spend at least an hour on the floor getting back into shape, to get back into shape!  

I’m going to have a little more time too.  

We put the finishing touches on what was my 2nd professional goal on Monday.

Last night the inspector from the 5 Star organization flew in from Michigan, came to my store this morning than after introductions and small talk commenced pouring over our application, interviewing my staff, inspecting my facilities, and spent 4 hours or so interviewing me.

We passed.  He also noted us for couple of Best Practices that will be shared industry wide at the next MRAA convention.  

I couldn’t possibly say here just how proud of my staff I am. Of all the things we have accomplished as a group I was never at any time convinced we would get through this inspection on the first try.  

I will sleep well tonight. I will work out tomorrow.



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  1. Posted by RosieFB on February 22, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    yes, and they all offered you a kleenex in support….haha
    It was a very proud moment for all of us on your team Capt’n. Great job leading us to a fine finish line.


    • Thanks Rosie, now who told you you could leave your desk? You did write the note on your on time I expect/!! LOL, love ya ma, you are as much a part of this success as anyone.


  2. Posted by TNT Man on February 22, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    Well Done – Very well done. You worked hard and it paid off. Nice. Now – back to focusing on you – with the same effort you focused on your business.

    All the best
    TNT Man


    • Thanks TNT,
      I hope that the next hair brain idea I undertake doesn’t include 200 hours or so of substantiating documentation!

      Actually the Top 100 application due June 15th might,….though I should be able to steal a fair portion from this 5 star manual.

      You are right it’s time for me to get back to busting my arse in the gym as soon as I post this reply I’m out of here and up the street to the Y.

      Thanks for the notes, thanks for the prod a while back.

      Be well,



  3. Congratulations! What a great feeling and an awesome accomplishment. You know you can do anything you set your mind to….look at all you have accomplished and continue to accomplish!




    • Thanks BB Mom,
      I have a staff that makes me look good.

      This 52DC might not earn me the top metal although I have accomplished more than in any other chalenge.

      I am already looking forward to the next one already.

      Be Well,



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