Roller Coaster of a week,….

This has been a week of peaks and valleys. My entire staff and I have been hard at work compiling the last bit of detail needed to meet the current certification we are working toward, Professional goal #2.

I’ve talked a little bit about the Brunswick 5 Star certification in my blog. You might recognize”5 Star” as a standard developed in the auto business to measure and maintain a high level of customer service. The Brunswick program is pretty much the same just tweaked for the marine industry. We are well into being recognized, Tuesday Feb 22nd is inspection/presentation day.

As is the tradition of the 52DC I put this assembly of the presentation guide and corresponding documentation on a set time table, we should come in under the wire with a few days to spare.

What are our goals?  To retain 25 customers who, without improved follow up practices, quietly go away never to return to us.  If we can hit this mark in the first year we execute this plan it will have paid for itself and will make us a better company.                                                                     ________________________________________________________________________________________

Tough week exercise wise, Wednesday and Thursday I spent in AFib. It’s been quite a while since my last spell and lasted longer than any time since the fall of 2008. I skipped Fridays lifting, Mother and I are going to take a walk on the Rail Trail this afternoon when it warms up.                                               _________________________________________________________________________________________  

Tuesday I was named to the Mercury / Mercruiser National Dealer Council. I was selected as one of 5 from a group of 390 dealers in the territory.

 32 years in the recreational marine business,  I think I finally have arrived!


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on February 13, 2011 at 11:12 AM

    Congrats on being named to the National Dealer Council – well done. Hope the 22nd plays out for you as well.

    AFib – ouch – hope that plays out properly as well.

    TNT Man


  2. Congratulations! All your hardwork and dedication on the professional side is being recognized.

    Take care of yourself, hopefully you will be back in rhythm…take some time to rest!

    Good luck on the 22nd…can’t wait to hear.



  3. Thanks guys,

    We should be in pretty good shape for the 22nd. We have been practicing most of the requirements just in our own way. There are a few zingers though that will take some getting use to. I have a good feel for our qualification.

    Preparing has been consuming virtually all of my time. I miss being part of the forum daily basis. I have a lot of catching up to do.

    You would know that just a few day after talking about how well I have been doing I would have a spell in Afib. I should know better then to taunt fate. Not really sure what set it off.

    This time around when it didn’t pass in a couple of hours it had me concerned. a couple days at 140 -160 BPM rolling around frigged with my head a bit. Still a little sore, just need to pay attention and respond accordingly. I’m good. Tomorrow I am going to lift again, see how it goes.

    The dealer council should be interesting. I’m on a couple of locally well-respected boards but nothing like this. Mother wants me to make every effort to not be thrown out during the first meeting! I will say that this one took me by surprise.

    Thanks for posting, Be Well.



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