Barbara had me once again counting my blessings,…

Friday night (2/4) Barbara Walters aired a special segment on ABC where she elaborated on her personal experiences leading up to her aortic valve replacement and her recovery period. It’s interesting to hear the reflections of folks of whom I have something in common.

David Letterman, Karl Rove, Bill Clinton and Regis Philbin, were guests of Barbara’s. Letterman classified all as, “Members Of The Cracked Chester’s” Where Letterman was classic Letterman he also was very surreal.

Robin Williams made the funniest statement, as you would expect. Robin Williams had a Bovine valve inserted. In his stand up he now claims that by being part cow, one of the benefits was that he can now sh%t standing up!

Watching the show brought back both good and difficult memories. Some recollections are as vivid as the day they happened others I hardly remember at all. Surprising how many each of their individual recalled events hit home. 

As much as the circumstances and repairs made coincide, how folks handle their recovery and the adjustments folks make going forward vary a great deal, especially with diet.

The majority of these folks have turned to almost a Vegan style diet where they are consuming no animal products at all. No meat, no dairy, just straight fruit and vegetables and grains to control their cholesterol and high blood pressure. Here’s where I differ.

By turning to a more meat-laden diet, good fats, plenty of vegetables, eggs and a measured amount of fruit,  I have now had excellent control over my numbers for a year now. To each their own.  I guess there is more than one way to skin a cat! No, I don’t eat cat! Yet!

July 16th 2008 I had prepared myself to “expire”. I’m a lucky guy to be doing the things I’m doing. I never forget that.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on February 5, 2011 at 5:23 PM

    And we are lucky to have you around.

    It was 6 years ago this week that my son had a bovine valve replacement. The surgery had some complications. The next couple of months were tough. His wife was pregnant with their first.

    We spent this afternoon with him and his 5 & 3 year old sons at Chucky Cheese – playing games – no food.

    We are all lucky and thankful for these advances and successes.

    No – my son does not take a dump – standing up – at least – not tha he’ll admit.

    Stay well
    TNT Man


  2. Posted by RosieFB on February 5, 2011 at 5:26 PM

    July 16, 2008, a day I will NEVER forget.


  3. I am so glad that everything turned out the way it has! Sounds like you have come a long way and you know what works for you!!!!

    Take care of yourself…you know what to do!



  4. BB mom, I’m glad they turned out the way they did too! The medicine just keeps getting better too. The future is even more promising for our children, and even better for the grandchildren.

    TNT, I know in talking with you about this previously that your son had a rough go of it. Obvious that he has quite a lot of you in him the way he has come around. His children have to feel like even that much more of a blessing with what he has worked through to be where he is.

    I couldn’t imagine being a parent and having one of your children go through anything like this. I’m not sure which is worse. Just glad it was myself and not my wife or one of my kids.

    My first surgery took place in 1968, it was to repair what they could for an 8 year old 54 pound kid with no parts available. The only hope was that the corrections made would allow me to live to adulthood where the science for a more lasting repair would exist.
    It was a different world then.

    That first fix held for 40 years. I figure that I must just have some feline in my DNA somewhere. I’m a double lucky boy.

    Make the most of everyday you have I guess that’s the only thing I can say.

    If your son does try to pitch a loaf while standing,….Please don’t write it into your blog! I think I would just a soon leave that one to RW!.


  5. Posted by TNT Man on February 5, 2011 at 10:42 PM

    None of this is easy – as a parent – a spouse – or ourselves. We do what we have to do to support each other and make it through. VictoR’s signature says: “If it don’t kill me, surely it will make me better and stronger…and it has.”

    Can’t argue with that sentiment.

    Now Enjoy the Game.
    TNT Man


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