Are you doing those for fun?

I’m doing Bulgarian Split Squats, 3rd set of 16, (8 each leg) with 2-25lb DB’s. One of the trainers is working with a young man just off to one side of me, looks like it could be his first trip in, good that he is accepting instruction. When I get done, the trainer turns over toward me and with a chuckle says “Do you actually do those for fun?”

I say back, “I wouldn’t exactly call em fun! I actually hate myself today and thought I trash myself up a little! This does it”

He laughs a little bit more turns back around to the teen he’s been working with and I hear as they get to moving away, again with a chuckle in his voice, “Don’t try those!”

Especially stressful day today so the stop at the gym took on a second bonus. Solid circuit too, 74 minutes, 129 avg hr. 157 peak, 910 calories burned by the monitor watch. I’m feeling the extra right about now. No headache. Really good circuit.

I am ready for bed.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on January 31, 2011 at 9:47 PM

    LOL – You are the example – NOT to follow.

    Nice when you can use your workout to dissipate some of the stress. That “ME” time can be very important to your sanity.

    Keep on pushing – at least until you get to the headache threshold.

    TNT Man


  2. I really hate scaring litte kids,…I will mind you if it provides good quad work!

    Jeff, the trainer, had been working with this young man (15 maybe) doing simple DB squats with like 5 lb weights. He was trying, doing OK. I really didn’t think much about it I was just going about my circuit minding my own business.

    My #1 circuit is the only routine that includes BSS’s. it’s easily my toughest.



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