I’ve become a social exerciser,…

I’m not sure if there is an exact grading system to designate the commitment level of your workout program, if there was one though, this winter I would have to put myself in the Social category.

Here’s the Capt’ns input if it were to ever become conversation.

7 days a week 1 -2+ hours per session, you are on the fanatical side. Gym Rat comes to mind.  Maybe you should join the Jersey Shore gang or something similar.

6 days per, 1 – 2 hour circuits, “Avid”, on top of it, your gym work defines your personality in a healthy and positive way. You could whip the ass of any of the Jersey Shore boys because you are not out putting a gallon of hard liquor to you every night. 

4 – 5 days, 1 hour, still on the upper end of the scale, “Healthy”. If you are dieting right you should be cutting fat and growing muscle at the same time. This is probably the best target for the average folk. Still takes a great deal of dedication. 

2 – 3 days a week, 1 hour or so per session, This has become me, or I have become this, all the same, what I would call a “Social Exerciser”.

Now, I don’t mean to say I do a lot of talking while on the floor mind you, on the contrary. I put the headset on and do as much ignoring of the folks around me as is possible. Make sure not to get anything dropped on me or to do any dropping myself.

I have become by my own grading system a “Social Exerciser”.  It is fitting me for now, I feel pretty good, and although I know I should be doing more I have been keeping my firm stuff firm and in certain places, the target areas, core, upper body have beefed in a good way.  

Oh, I shouldn’t leave out the “none to 1 gang”. 

1 circuit per whenever,  ehhhh, “Better Than Nothing” ,

None, why don’t you go put the deposit on the coffin today! “The Coffin Gang” What I have scene of them they do look comfy! Just hope mine is not anywhere in the near future!


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  1. Love it! LOL! I don’t think you are a “Social Exerciser”….I think you fall where most people fall especially all the demands on our lives now a days. You are a motivated, determined exerciser who doesn’t over do it!!! 🙂

    Love the Coffin Gang…..seems there are many of those in this world now! Don’t understand how someone can continue on that path…but then the world makes it easy for that…drive thru, drive thru…drive thru.

    Enjoy your social workout today! LOL!



  2. Posted by TNT Man on January 29, 2011 at 3:18 PM

    LOL: Funny Guy. Yep – I am Avid – or fearful of becoming what I was.

    I do not want to be buried in an oversized coffin. My friend was. Sad.

    I disagree with your view of the none to one being better than nothing. These are the guys that come to the gym and are taken out on a stretcher. They give exercise a bad name.

    BTW you can buy that coffin at Costco on-line – save a fortune.



  3. Nice Link! Does the Costco Coffin come with a light blue lining? I think being surrounded by light blue satin would be a nice contrast to the hell fire and brimstone background! LOL!

    You never know where the mind will go when you let it out to play without the leash on!

    TNT, you aren’t ever gonna need a coffin my friend! The way you take care of yourself and with today’s miracle medicine, you could live forever!

    BB Mom, I socialized my way through a workout this early afternoon. Run into one of the local HS football coaches and we jawed way longer then we should have! Right after saying I try my best to put on the ignore!

    Saturday night, you must be watching your son playing roundball. He sounds like quite a talented young man, Heck, I’m proud of him and I don’t even know him!

    Be well.


  4. Thanks Capt!

    That says a lot….or maybe I say too much about him…lol! He is a good kid with so many opportunities ahead of him…just have to keep his head in the right place….not always easy with a little blonde by his side! 🙂

    From what I have seen here, you are pretty talented yourself! 🙂



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