Just a little scattered,…

I think I have already moved more snow this year than I had in the previous two winters. Then again, the winter of 2009 was a pretty good one.

Our aging house is due for a new roof, actually overdue, the existing one goes back to 1989 the age of the house. It does not have the steepest of pitch to it either, 5/12. It does not shed for beans! So when it piles up, I rake, twice in the last week.

It generally takes me a couple hours and provides a pretty decent workout.


What is it with young folk and Tattoo’s? More specifically, young ladies,…only my personal opinion after all its not my body.

Reason I bring this up, Yesterday at the gym I see a gal, collage age, maybe 21, had a tattoo cascading from her left shoulder to elbow, looked like something you would see on a NFL lineman!

Haven’t quite figured out the thinking?


I am going to have to ratchet down my workouts. I am having some issue with headaches after pushing too hard. Averaging a 125+ heart rate for the hour I work is more then I should be doing.

A couple months ago I was doing curls and late into my 3rd set I felt a pull in the back of the right side of my neck that went up into my head. I stopped but not after finishing the final three reps, call me stupid. Instant headache. I rested for a couple days and it didn’t seem to bother. The times I have push it comes back.

My new goals will be more like 60 minutes, 115 – 120 avg hr. with a peak no more then 140-145. see how this does. 

Yesterday I averaged 119 over 61 minutes, seemed OK.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on January 24, 2011 at 8:22 PM

    There was a time – only the guys who were in the armed services had Tats. Now the Soccer Moms are into it.

    A Niece – had this immense Tatoo on her back – she was the rebel. But then one of her films was nominated for an oscar. Later on we attended her wedding. As she walked down the isle in a Vera Wang, the Tat was pretty much gone. Just the faint hint of the yellow die remained. Must of hurt like a M—-f—-r to have that sucker removed.

    Question: Why were you looking?

    Keep Warm
    TNT Man


  2. Hard not to look it’s a small gym, besides, she was a she. LOL

    The gal wasn’t all that big and she wasn’t ripped or anything, the ink just looked out of place.

    A celebrity in the family eh? What’s your Nieces name, what movie was it?



  3. Posted by TNT Man on January 25, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    Actually she is my wife’s cousin’s youngest daughter, born a couple of months before my son. Her NYU Film School film project was shot in my home. Cut and paste this into your browser.



  4. She is very impressive TNT.



  5. I don’t understand why anyone would put something permanent on their body like that…someday I always feel they will regret it! Then again I am afraid of needles so you won’t find any tatoo’s on me! LOL!

    Take it easy Capt’n…..we need you around!



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