Some Courses offer a bonus,…

Crooked Cat Course Orange County National, Winter Garden Florida.

Wednesday morning (1/12/11) I find myself standing in a deep sand trap right in front of the 16th green of the Panther Lake Golf Course in Winter Garden Florida. My ball is setting in a depression left behind by,….what it looks like, the track of a pretty good sized cat. When I say pretty good sized, the track is the size of a softball!

The tracks went from one side of the trap through to the other.

As this registers my first reaction is to take a quick look around, like a 360 degree look around! I look over at my playing partner and say, Chuck, come over here and tell me what you think this looks like?

 He walks over takes a look, and immediately does the 360 scan like a knee jerk reaction!  Second, he looks at the hat I have on that has a cat paw print on it –  looks down – looks up at my hat again – looks down, he looks up and says,” Man, it looks like a cat to me! A big one! I hope he’s gone or you could be brunch!”  

I look back at him and say, “Not me partner, you”  “You smoke, I know I can out run you!”

True Story.

We cracked up, then moved on, at  just a bit faster pace! 

What a spectacular golf vacation to Florida.

One of my friends, Chuck, and I spent 4 days last week at Orange County National Golf Facility in Winter Garden Florida. This is the facility that hosted the 2010 PGA Qualifying School this past December. If you are a golfer, this place is a meca!

Orange County National offers up 2 – 18 hole championship courses. Crooked Cat is a links style course that is pretty open though it is peppered with sand traps and an ocean’s worth of water. The sister course, Panther Lake, is a more traditional loop with much tighter fairways and mounds everywhere. Very seldom are you fortunate enough to have a flat lie.

For not having picked up a club in 3 months I felt I played pretty well. In comparison,. Billy Mayfair won the 6 round Q-School Tournament in December at an average of 2 under par. Not and easy turn! I shot near my handicap of 12.6, after taking into account the increased difficulty.

I would go back in a heartbeat!


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on January 19, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    Driving into the entrance roadways to the FT Meyes airport is a sign – not one of deer crossing – but of those BIG cats crossing – WTF.

    Sounds like a great vacation.

    TNT Man


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