Just a note before I go,…

This mini vacation is hitting at a good time and at a bad time both. Doesn’t it always seem that way? Oh well, good or  bad, I’m really looking forward to ripping one down a fairway.

This week I will have my best opportunity to take out much of my cardio goal. My friend Chuck and I will be walking 6 rounds that will take 60% of my cardio out of play. Usually on a trip I find myself struggling to get my 52DC work in, not this time around.

The bad; I have more going on this winter at my business than I can shake a stick at.   The certifications we are pursuing have everyone pulling the cart in earnest.  Bad week to be away as it pertains to this work. Our first inspection takes place on the 18th. There is a solid plan of action in place and I have full confidence in my staff that they will execute it to perfection.

Here’s hoping for, no snow, lots of sunshine, on-time arrivals and departures, no bugs, and that I don’t lose more then a dozen balls!


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  1. Have a great time…you work hard and deserve some time away! I know you have the best people in place to make things happen when you are gone!




  2. Mother is heading up the team so I have no worries. She is really a better businessperson than I am. She’s more by the “tried and true book”, I play out on the edge too much! Left Brain – Right Brain! Maybe thats why it works so well.

    I want to add “No Alligator Attacks” to my list, is it too late?

    Thanks for the good wishes and kind words, Keep racking up those run miles.



  3. Posted by TNT Man on January 9, 2011 at 7:31 PM

    Enjoy your time in the Sunny South – Looks like you are going to get some decent weather.

    We leave Wed morning – if and only if – the predicted Snow does not hit for as a for real storm.

    Don’t use up all the Sun.

    TNT Man


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