Eve Of The Challenge,….

I am ready for another go, this layoff has been long enough.

The holidays have been a real hoot with the family and friends, this year has really been as good as any I can remember. We took plenty of time to just enjoy the folks in our lives and Santa was pretty good to us even though I’m not sure we were all that deserving!

Best news of this New Year, I haven’t gained a pound, and now here we are ready to fire up the engine for another 52 days.

My goal this time around is to continue building my endurance. Reaching my PG1 should tax me. I’m not going to count warm up or cool down time as part of the 50-minute workouts. Therefore, I figure my workouts will be at least 60-70 minutes long.

I’ll look to average a 125 heart rate and to work at least 45 minutes of the 50 inside my target range, between a 115-150 heart rate. 

Let the game begin.

Biggest Loser starts tonight and you know I already have a favorite to pull for, Rulon. I remember 10 years ago watching him win a Gold Medal against a ripped Russian who had never lost a match! USA!


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on January 4, 2011 at 9:09 PM

    Sounds like you had a super holiday – always wonderful.

    I am typing this on my new lap top which arrived this afternoon – happy as a pig in slop. Needed to get this to work while we are down in Florida.

    See You at the starting line.
    TNT Man


    • OOOHHHH! I’m Jealous! New Laptop, nice!

      All in all it sounds like we both had a good Holiday Season. I keep thinking back where you had the opportunity to visit with just your son, daughter and wife, that really had to be a special treat.

      Enjoy Florida, I think it’s warming up. I hope it’s not in the 30’s when we get there but if it is, oh well. I went out to warm my truck up the other day, the sun was coming up, it was 37.4 degrees, I thought, Yup, I can play golf in this.

      Be Well, have a great trip and a great challenge.

      Enjoy the new computer.


  2. I am beginning to believe the best part of the Holiday’s is to just spend it with family, enjoying the times together. Looks like you had a wonderful time, I bet having the boys home from college was a great joy!

    I’m not surprised you didn’t gain a pound…you have come so far and don’t want to jeopardize what you have done.

    See you at the starting line!



    • As kids we are looking forward to the sugarplums and candy canes, (still not so bad) as we age it’s the visiting that makes an enjoyably holiday!

      I hope you had a houseful as well. Do you remember giving your son a BB glove or bat for Christmas? Now look what he is doing, he’s going to be a great success.

      Having all of the kids home has been terrific, we’ve really enjoyed it. I actually think it’s going both ways too!

      It’s coming to and end quickly though, the boys go back to school this weekend. One of the older boys is spending this week in Boston volunteering at a homeless shelter. Before we put a halo on him, there are 9 students total, the other 8 are girls! Hummmmmm???

      He’s a good kid and his intentions are right. When he signed up he didn’t know he would be the only guy.

      Quick Question; How would I find my Blog Health-o-Meter rating? Did yours get emailed to you? Is it part of the blog?


      • Posted by TNT Man on January 5, 2011 at 8:42 AM

        Both BBM and I got ours emailed to us. It really is just the Stats in a different form – along with a pat on the back. Query WordPress.

  3. Thanks for the nudge TNT.
    I set the Rob at Clark Marine Blog up with the email address I use most. I set this Blog up with my original address which I rarely check.
    I think I will be checking it more often.
    Again, Thanks for the nudge and because of you BB Mom and a few others friends my numbers look pretty good.


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