It’s been over a week,…

The past 6 days, (I arrived home lat friday actually) had been spent holed up in a tech center class room by day and a hotel room surrounded by service manuals by night. 

Actually had a pretty successful stay. The hotel is clean, the travel weather was good, I ate well and didn’t gain any weight. Most notable, One of my lead techs and I passed an exam we had been preparing for near 5 years.

When I set down early in the fall and set a list of goals for the 2001 model year. The core of those goals hinged on at least one of us passing this exam. We both slipped by with room to spare. I might even have over prepared if you can believe that. What is normally a 5 hour – 80 question exam, I completed in 2 hours and scored 97%. should have taken an extra 1/2 hour and applied myself!

This one isn’t so much about health it’s just about money!  Nothing wrong about a little extra clean earned cash!

By qualifying my service department at this level with Brunswick corp. (Mercury/Mercruiser) it opens us up to a higher discount on engine and part purchases, greater warranty reimbursements, and larger year-end rebates. I’m good with that!

Uncle sam will be happy to share in my good fortune too! Wouldn’t want to leave him out!


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  1. Congratulations!!!! You must feel great…passing the test, plus being away from home and not gaining any weight! Awesome!

    What a great way to end the year and to start the next one!!!



    • Thanks BB Mom, very glad to get by this exam, I had very little confidence that I would pass it the first time around.

      My eating habits have been changed by being involved in the 52dc’s, you know when you go to ordering it just comes natural to select clean. Many thanks to you and the folks on the forum who set such a good example, you have rubbed off on me!

      Have a great holiday.



  2. Posted by TNT Man on December 12, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    Congrats on passing – better to be over prepared and never have to sit for the exam again.

    You commented: “Uncle sam will be happy to share in my good fortune too! Wouldn’t want to leave him out!”

    My father-in-law always said that he did not mind paying more taxes, it just meant that he had earned more money – and that pleased him. That is the thinking of the pre-WWII immigrant generation who came to this country without a dime.

    Congrats on being able to coninue eating clean – under difficult circumstances. You passed that test with flying colors – as well.

    TNT Man


    • Just the Babble!
      Bruce, the accountant at the firm that certifies our books says the same thing to us every year,
      “You should only hope you have to pay more taxes”.
      I’m OK with that, I don’t even mind paying my fair share, I just wish the cumulative Uncle’s didn’t take such a large bite! Our Government creates little incentive to grow your business.
      It seems that by the time we pay Fed, State, Local, Property, Sales, Unemployment, Social Security & matching Social security, on and on and on, I think we have to borrow from our credit cards just to get to even!
      I would laugh about that last comment but I have to stop crying first!
      Oh well, last year was better than the year before, this year is already better than last.
      The Tax Man will be pleased with our efforts once again.


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