I haven’t fallen off the 52 DC Planet,…

Just seems like it!

It’s been one of those weeks where I have had more to do then I have had time to do it in! I shouldn’t be this busy this time of year!

The week started with an overnight visit by the collage boys last weekend. 3 days in Laconia, no sleep for 3 days, 1 workout, 1 broken computer, a little surge in business, I fistful of fry’s, pair of 13 year olds turning 14, bake sale, play practice, dance class, a mall trip, a brownie Sunday, an employee dealing with the aftermath of a heart attack, 1 beautiful afternoon that allowed for what will most likely be my last loop of the season, preparing for a 4 day trade show, fatigue, catching up with the sleep.   

As the scoreboard goes;  -3 CE’s, +9 CE’s, 1 RT, 1 CT.  Life.


2 responses to this post.

  1. WOW Capt! You have been busy and all it all seems like it was needed and worth it! Just reading this made me tired!

    How you handle everything on your plate…is amazing!

    As for the scoreboard….LIFE is most important….college boys visiting, how’s college going? Birthdays..absolutely the best! Play practice…dance class…wouldn’t trade those things..right! Brownie Sunday…definately earned….




  2. Hello BB Mom,

    If anyone knows about how your children’s lives can dictate the schedule it’s you!

    Your kids are incredibly busy too, I think it’s really good for them, keeps from poor distractions.
    Much like what I read from your posts Mother and I do not mind being the taxi either. It keeps us part of their lives.

    During the 10 years that I really concentrated on building my business I was not as involved in their lives as I should have been, missed too much. If I had to do parts of it again I would have changed a few of my decisions. Trying not to repeat my errors.

    The older boys are doing well. You can tell by talking with them that the reality of what they are doing is setting in. The first month honeymoon is over. It’s good for them, they are continuing to grow up. Both are doing well.

    My daughter loves to bake and she is good at it! Bad combination for my waistline!
    I have a feeling that there might be a little bit more of me before the holidays are done!

    Be well, thanks for posting.



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