Liking the new HR Monitor,…

The new Sportline Duo 1025 Monitor I purchased about a week ago had nothing to do with how good my workout was this evening, It just gave me a few more numbers to track.

I make no bones about being a numbers geek. I keep score of virtually everything, need to if you want to know if you are winning or losing! 

Tonight I crept into the gym at about 4:30, not sure If I even wanted to be there, being I had laid off yesterday I was not giving myself a second pass, glad I went. It turned out to be one of those nights when everything clicks. The deeper you get into your circuit the stronger you feel.

Started as I do all my circuits with about 11 min of warm up.  It took about 37 minutes  to work through NROL FL1 A6 circuit. 10 minutes +/- for the finish circuit. 5 minutes, again, +/- cool down and stretch.

The only exercise I weighted down were the Rotational Lunges, just didn’t want to push the hams too hard. As it turned out I rotated in 2 sets of 20 rep Sumo Squats in the finish circuit.  First set with 40 lbs, second set with 50 lbs, each rep with a 3 second delay inches off the floor. Hams are OK. I really like that exercise.

Finish circuit consisted of Elevated Chair Dips, Sumo Squats, Decline SB Push Ups, 2 seats of 20 reps each.

Total specs for today’s circuit. 64:25 Min.  127 Avg. hr.  156 Peak.

The next numbers are new courtesy of the new monitor, for criteria I set the watch to my target zone of 110 bpm (@ 65%) of max heart rate as a low threshold and 155 bpm (@ 90%) as the ceiling.

7:10 min. below zone, 56:27 in zone,  .48 sec. above.  101g fat burned, 782 cal.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Capt’n:

    Great job on your workout! I know those days you don’t really want to be there…but you did more than just go through the motions! Right there that explains why you have been so successful…determination and dedication…

    Enjoy your weekend!



  2. I knew the alternative was going to be going home and eating something I shouldn’t!
    Glad I chose the gym.

    I have been following your numbers for this challenge, you are doing a solid job. Like you said, determination and dedication! Great showing against the guys, I have faith that you are going to out do them!

    Be well,



  3. Posted by TNT Man on November 6, 2010 at 8:14 AM

    And there is one of the reasons I do not get a HR monitor – I am OCD on that stuff. It will make me crazy. But – it obviously works for you. Glad that you were able to do thos squats and you are back in form. Kepp up the great work.

    TNT Man


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