I am building an arse,…

You never know where the mind goes when you just let it out without a leash.

Mother mentioned the other day that I was actually forming an arse! In the right places mind you! This comment being made about a guy whose only physical arse in years past has been a wallet and 2 handkerchiefs!

This comment leads to the following thoughts. 

While walking through the grocery store this morning, the mind being out loose and at play, I got to thinking about the fit of my pants. I wouldn’t call this a regular thinking, but said what the hell go with it! 

Lately my pants have been fitting differently. Not always a bad thing, the thighs are noticeably tighter, still reasonably loose around the beltline and I have a developing set of gluts! My favorite jeans are now baggy in the lower buttock area where I use to carry a load of fat, and snug up on the topside and it’s firm!

At day23 of the challenge I wish I could report that I am losing weight hand over fist, just not happening. Maintaining. The success I am having this go around is that the layer fat on my belly and inner thighs and lower buttocks has been reducing and the size of my chest, arms, thighs and gluts are increasing.

If there is an upside to your cloths getting a little snug, it’s that they are tightening up in the right areas.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on November 4, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    Body Re-composition and Molding – Way to Go!

    I can no longer buy regular fit or loose fit jeans – looks like I have a load in my diaper. My daughter has nicknamed me LOA – Lack of Ass.

    Keep up the great work.

    TNT Man


  2. I resemble that remark.

    Mother pulls on the baggy part of my pants and makes off color comments.
    Generally someting to the nature of Pants are so baggy that I could be packing a load and no one would notice!” Etc….

    I use to only buy comfort fit, since going down to 36’s last christmas or so I am in regular fit.



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