Very Flat Tonight,….

Worked NROL Fat Loss A3 circuit tonight and really had to push myself through. It’s really not that intense a workout either.

Some days I walk into the gym and I am a Sh**house full of fire and revved to go, rare nights like tonight I was flat and weighted down one range in order to sustain the circuit to completion.

Today’s specs; 50:17 min, 117avg hr, 149 peak, a flat workout for me. 

Good question posed by Medered today on the 52DC forum.

“Who are your roll models when it comes to diet and exercise?”

My first thoughts went to wondering if there is a roll model who after having 25% of their heart replaced and is setting an example for a guy like me?  I came up with no one.

I’ve kept a reasonably complete journal of my circuits for about 18 months now. It has two purposes, first, it chronicles what can be done safely if you pay attention, and second it will work as a guide as to what not to do if I drop dead in the gym some day!

I’ll bet I’m more in tune with my system then most anyone else at the gym. I have to be, too many times I feel like I am navigating in uncharted waters.   

It didn’t take any time to come up with who has assisted me the most with advice, a little encouragement and on occasion, a swift kick in the arse, that person is obviously TNT. I certainly do not take his advice for granted and I am very appreciative for the efforts he has put forth on my behalf.


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  1. Capt,

    I know those times, it is hard to get motivated…but I know you have it in you! You are truly amazing what you have been through and the long road of accomplishments you have made! WOW!!!!

    Yep, TNT man is one special person, he is a wealth of knowledge and motivation!



    • Posted by TNT Man on October 18, 2010 at 9:03 PM

      Ok – embarass me. You are the guy who has the rebuilt heart and valve. You are the guy who has gained control of his own body – the Six Million Dollar guy.

      I hope that others will follow your example. Too many are afraid to do anything – You are one shining example.

      Of course you have also kissed the Blarney Stone – once too often.

      The car – first estimate to repair $6,300.00.

      And – no – I did not find a cookie worth eating. I am wating to go to TommyLandNYC’s favorite restaurant – the Palm – and have the chocolate dessert he’s written about. When you reach goal weight – join us – for one hell of a Re-load meal.

      TNT Man


  2. Hey, BBMom,
    It looks like SixGz is finally posting up numbers! I want to see you smoke those guys this time around!
    I know you can do it. And when you do, I can hear the excuses already!

    Yes, TNT has been a great deal of help to not just me but to many folks on the forum, you have as well.
    If TNT ever was to give up Lawer’n he could go into Personal Training!

    No 6 Million Dollar Guy Here,….The $128,000.00 Guy! Glad I didn’t have to pay the entire bill!

    I know what I can do comfortably, I have felt what it is to overdo too. The other day when I finished a set of 15 DB push presses with 40lbs@ I went into A-fib for a spell. It’s one of the reasons I don’t run anymore too.

    You too my friend will be happy to receive assistance via an insurance check! $6300.00?
    I thought you just dinged the front end a bit? I guess that’s what you get for driving a Ferrari!



  3. Posted by TNT Man on October 19, 2010 at 11:40 AM

    LOL – Ferrari – Ha Ha Ha. Chrysler Pacifica – sigh. Spending way too much time dealing with this “ding.” It will be 3 weeks before I get my car back.

    You may not run – but you sure push your HR up to running levels. At least you are smart enough to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

    Take care.
    TNT Man


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