Added donuts to my “Not To Eat list. Minor oversight,….

One of our favorite customers came in on schedule this morning to have his boat winterized and as Paul always does he showed up packing 2 dozen of the deep fried nuggets for the staff to share.

Think of that one bakery that you knew you could go to if you were in search of the perfect tasting donut,…that is where these gems come from. Small family bakery in downtown Pittsfield Maine.

As the scoreboard will show, 52DC 1 Donuts 0. I held back.

I thanked Paul for the gift he is an exceptional guy. I accepted the boxed cakes and brought them immediately out to the service department. Didn’t peak, didn’t zone in and lift the cover for a smell or even a look. No need to temp myself. The crew, whom really deserved the treats, were very thankful recipients. 

Donuts are on the list. No donuts for the Capt’n.

35 Minutes on an elliptical this early evening, followed up with a short walk and 10 minutes of body weight exercises. Specs; 47:10 Min, 133 Avg HR, 160 Peak.

Tomorrow is going to be a scheduled day off, Lift on Saturday afternoon, Golf on Sunday. Lift again Monday evening.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on October 15, 2010 at 11:33 AM

    Well Done. We have clients bring in all sorts of things – tough to resist – but doable.

    Enjoy the weekend.
    TNT Man


  2. We have folks bring us in a gift from time to time, usually donuts or beer. We have received both in the last week. I shuffle it out back quickly, always have. The techs are the ones earning the spiffs anyway, they love that stuff.
    Only tip that doesn’t leave the front counter, although it is shared, a couple times of year we have a favorite that brings us in a big tin of Virginia Roasted Peanuts.
    Around the holiday’s we can line the counter with platters of home made goodies. That is when it gets very tough.

    Down 4.2 lbs in 15 days.


  3. WOW! Great job passing on the donuts…that can be tough! We have clients and employees bring in donuts every now and then…most of the time I can pass them up…however if they are from the local little donut guy…man that is tough! What discipline you showed. You know where you are headed and there is no derailing you…great job!

    Enjoy yourself!



    • Thanks BBMom,
      I am focused on this challenge. actually I am more focused on the scale! These donuts are the best, seriously, If I had so much as opened the top of he box I knew iI was dead!

      You know I look for your post everyday to see how you are fairing against SixGz and now TJAK too, you folks really have a very friendly competition going on, you certainly hold your own!



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