It’ my diet,…..TNT Plan Rob,….

Good start to this challenge. The one thing I will wrestle with is going to be my diet. I am attempting to follow TNT plan A, though as is everything I do I am personalizing it.  Maybe I should call it Plan Rob?

TNT you may tell me how close to any plan it may resemble.

For the last week I have cut my breakfasts in ½. Where I had been eating 2 – 3OZ sausages or 3 slices of bacon, with 2 eggs, couple oz of cheese. I have reverted to ½ of that., less the cheese. Pint or so of water, 18 oz coffee with light cream.

I mixed a shake of 6 oz of diet blueberry juice, (zero carbs) with a couple oz of light cream, a tablespoon of Metamucil, and a scoop of gold standard protein powder @ 20 grams. Top off with a few oz of water.

I flip flop the shake and the egg plate some days. This morning I had the eggs while doing email and absorbed the shake in sections throughout the day. Last bit just before hitting the gym for NROL A1.

At 12:30 or so, while on the fly, I had a nice crisp Empire apple. I’m not going to beat myself up for eating an apple. Had a handful of mixed nuts while scanning messages. Pint of water.

Lunch today hit around 3 PM. (I spent about 4 hours on the water today, fodder for another blog not this one) Lunch was a couple of tablespoons of chicken salad made with Miracle Whip, on a garden salad with balsamic vinegar. 

Worked out on the way home, as I mentioned NROL A1, 47 Min, 130 avg hr, 156 peak. 1/2 way through I was thinking it was too easy, when I finished, I was finished! Had a 30Gram protein shake on the way home.

For dinner I pan grilled 6 oz of chicken breast. When crispy I added a drained can of diced tomatoes with chili peppers. Micro waved a bowl, of cauliflower, broccoli, and a few frozen carrots. 20 oz of water.

If I have anything as a snack tonight it will be a handful of almonds or maybe a protein shake made with ice and light cream.

This is how I have been living the last couple of weeks. My energy level is starting to moderate.

Today my staff saved me, they needed another driver to retrieve boats. There are much worse jobs! I held a few!

I am no Choir Boy now, I just can’t see docking myself a clean eat for enjoying an apple or for adding a tablespoon of fiber to my diet. Frankly I like the regularity that has developed.

Here is a list of foods that are off limits for me.

Potato chips, crackers, bread, white rice, (may have a small amount of brown once in a while) white potato, candy of any form, fast food of any brand, Unless,…I do it right, only the meat, egg, cheese & vegetables. Breaded fried foods, Regular soda, never touch it anyway.

You may suggest a few more, I’m open to critique and suggestion.

Good start for the challenge.  Tomorrow I will get up and do it all over again.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on October 13, 2010 at 8:05 PM

    Are you asking for a critique or should I just shut up? – Nope can’t shut up. Not my style.

    >Why bother with light cream – a waste.
    >I have 6 capsules of Metamucil in the am and 6 more in the pm. I used to tke the powder – but with sugar was insane and with fake sweetner was just pain. Took forever to clean the glass. Capsules are easier and neater.
    >Cream in the protein shake before exercise undermines the value of the protein. It impedes it doing the job. TNT = Targeted Nutrion Tactics.
    >I hate the taste of Miracle Whip – have no idea of its Carb content.
    > Apple – I had a couple of slices with honey last month. If you want fruit – treat yourself to 1/2 cup of berries with a splash of cream.

    I take a different view than you – I try to be very strict while I am losing weight – then I have the luxury of adding any type of carbs I want. I can’t do it piece meal – kinda like bobbing a dog’s tail and inch at a time.

    TNT Man


  2. Hell Yeah I put it up there for critique!

    I usually don’t have cream in my pre workout protein shake, just happened that I had a few oz left over, I was headed out to the gym, why throw it out?

    Peice mealing is probably not a bad way to reference. What I put up here is better then what I had been doing. You know, over the prevoius 18 months without really focusing on weight loss and not following any real plan I was losing at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week. Lost 40+ pounds with out focusing on it. Now I kick my ass for eating an apple!

    I might have been losing weight but I still did not have my blood numbers in range. Dec 3rd or the 5th is my next blood test, I intend to stick as close to plan as I can. We’lll see how the numbers come out.

    You know, I respect your opinion and appreciate your feedback.

    Is light cream realy that bad?


    • Posted by TNT Man on October 13, 2010 at 9:09 PM

      No light cream is not bad – when I am stuck – I use half and half.

      My point is that there are 100’s of small places that carbs sneak into the mix. I will have a burger at McDonald’s but not grilled chicken. Most fast food places inject the grilled chicken with crap to boost the moisture and flavor – all too often that equals carbs. Yeah – I know – way too much thinking going on.

      But – as I am fond of saying – I am a Carb snob – if I am going to have them – they had better be worth it.

      I hope your blood nurmbers have held steady – you deserve that.

      BTW – just had a couple of strawberries cut up with a splash of heavy cream and a packet of sweet and low. Yummy – much better than an apple.

      I medium apple has 19.06 grams of Carbs and only 3.3 grams of fiber.

      I/2 cup of sliced strawberries has 5.53 grams of carbs and 1.4 grams fiber & the cream slows down the insulin spike.

      Just say’n

      TNT Man


  3. Point well taken, I like strawberries too.

    Hey, Thans for the advice. Not a good trip coming up for you this weekend.
    Travel safe and make the most of it.

    Be Well.


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